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Take Your Digestive Health Into Your Own Hands

Working with a certified holistic health coach and digestive health expert like myself, you will learn how to:


Pinpoint Root Causes

Whether you’re working with me one-one-one or in a group program, you will learn how to identify the signals your body has been sending you for months (or even years), understand what these signals mean, know how to begin relieving them naturally, and restore balanced gut health – for good!

Develop A Customized Plan

With a deeper understanding of what’s going on inside your body, we’ll develop a customized plan to restore your digestive health! This plan will go far beyond food. We’ll focus on every aspect of your life, from mindfulness to exercise to relationships and more.  

Eat Foods That Feed Your Gut

There are many foods that are so great for gut health, and others that are not. We’ll pinpoint which ones you should be avoiding (temporarily or long-term), which ones you should add more of and you’ll have access to recipes and resources to make easy, affordable and delicious meals.

Lifelong Change

Working with me, you will gain lifelong skills and tools to restore gut health and keep it in balance. We’ll talk through how to handle slip-ups, what to do when traveling or going out and much more. With a practical plan, you can implement these changes for the rest of your life.

Experience Life Changing Health Coaching

I take a smarter, holistic and completely customized approach to helping you live a healthy life

Do you feel like something just isn’t right with your digestion? 

Have you had digestive issues for awhile now but never really taken the time to look into what to do about it?

Feel like you should have more energy, better sleep and less inflammation?

Have you been telling yourself that the pains, cramps and gas are just “normal” for you now?

Already tried eating healthy but something’s still not right and don’t know what to do next?



Introducing the Thrive by Food Approach to Health Coaching:

Whether you’re a 1:1 coaching client or a part of my Love Your Gut group program, you’ll benefit from the expertise from someone who has gone through the digestive health journey you’re currently on. I went from ER room to complete remission from ulcerative colitis in a matter of 6 months after a wild 10+ year battle with the disease. I am now a certified health coach and digestive expert specializing in helping clients find the same relief and a path that’s exactly right for you

My approach is based on the concept of bioindividuality, meaning what works for one person may not work for another, so I’ll never give blanketed advice and no two coaching programs will look the same.

Working together, I will take the time to dig into your health history, understand your food and lifestyle triggers that aren’t serving you and develop a completely customized approach to health and wellness crafted for you! We will do this through:


The Initial Breakthrough Consultation

Schedule a free 50 minute breakthrough session where I’ll really get to know you, your main health goals and concerns and we’ll come out with a customized plan that will work for you.


1:1 or Group Coaching

We’ll determine in this strategy session which of my programs would be the best fit for you, or a combination. In my programs we’ll dive into everything from food to lifestyle, exercise to relationships, career and spirituality. I will get to know you inside and out so that we can develop an effective and holistic plan for restoring your health!


Recipes, Supplements & Mindfulness

You are what you eat. Habits can be made, recipes can be learned, the right supplements can heal and mindfulness can be practiced. We’ll cover all this and more!



Working with me, you’ll gain access to a community of others on a similar health journey. This community is available to you even after we’ve completed our program. 



About Kristin

Kristin Dziadul (pronounced: ``juttle``)

Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach

For more than 10 years, I was sick from my own food and I didn’t even realize it. It was at the point when my gastroenterologist told me I would have to be on heavy medication for the rest of my life that I took my health into my own hands. It’s been such an inspiring and powerful journey. I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach, focused on helping clients with digestive issues (ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, autoimmune, acid reflux, etc.), fatigue and anxiety. My mission is to help you not only recover, but thrive again.


Schedule A Free 50 Minute Breakthrough Session

Ready to really kickstart your digestive health journey? Wondering where to start but don’t want to get lost in the deluge of Google or spend thousands of unnecessary dollars on superfoods and supplements that aren’t right for you?

In fifty minutes, we’ll uncover several key ways in which you can begin your digestive health journey today, shining light on things that are and aren’t working for you right now so that you walk away with a plan of action, incredible energy and perhaps an entirely new outlook on your life and health. Heck, we might even change your entire life in this one call! 

This first session is on me. The rest? Well, we can talk about that later 😉

Client Success Stories

“I felt very at ease working with Kristin.  Her caring and thorough approach, coupled with her depth of knowledge, made me feel confident that she understood my challenges and was able to develop a plan of action for me to successfully meet my goals. Providing positive instruction and feedback is key in helping someone through a challenge.  Kristin was very instrumental in setting a course that helped me succeed and gave me strategies to use to continue on a successful path.”

Cathy D.

“Working with Kristin has been a wonderful journey. She is relatable when it comes to dealing with the challenges of reaching your goals. She has a supportive attitude that encourages you to want to change your lifestyle for the better, and is approachable when you need a daily reminder that you are on the right path to achieving your health goals.”

Zeban J.

“Kristin has been a consistent force for positive change in my life. Working with her has helped me make progress on my goals by learning to trust my gut and create actionable steps forward. Kristin lets her genuine self shine through and makes you feel wonderful while helping you to overturn roadblocks and discover your own potential. I am grateful to work with her and highly recommend her program!”

Catherine S.

“Kristin is incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about how food can impact our health. Her individualized approach is engaging, empowering, and result-driven. I highly recommend her health coaching program!”

Jennifer R.

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