I’m already half-way through my  30-day  keto experiment and wow has time flown by! I’m feeling fantastic, loving how easy, filling, and delicious the recipes I’m making are, and am excited to share how it’s been going.


If you haven’t yet, first read  why i’m doing the keto diet and how week 1 went. They give you a good background on what this diet is, why it can be healing for gut health in particular, and what I’m doing day-by-day to follow it.


Find out what I did in week 2, how I’m feeling, and what I’m excited about next:


Day 8

I woke up excited today to continue on this amazing journey. I thought going into this that it would be a neat experiment to see how my body did fueled on a different macronutrient (fat) than I was using before (protein). Little did I know just how much better I would be feeling. (Note: This isn’t to say this diet is for everyone, and it may not work for you. I am sharing my personal journey and experience and I encourage you  to work with a healthcare practitioner to discuss if this kind of diet is right for you).


To date, I really haven’t felt any cravings for the “bad stuff” — sweets, alcohol, gluten, etc. I’ve even been out to a restaurant already and didn’t even feel tempted by any of those! That’s incredible! My stomach is feeling amazing, and I attribute that to 100% cutting out sugar and going very low on carbs. My energy is still way up and I haven’t had a drop of caffeine so far.


What I ate: This morning, I made a variation on the “Bulletproof Coffee” recipe, and I say variation because I don’t drink coffee. Instead, I’ve been making a hormone-boosting variation of this morning drink.


Here are the ingredients:


Blend in a blender or mix with a frother until nice and creamy and blended.


I also made a quick and easy spiced pumpkin soup with full fat coconut milk for lunch and a healthy chicken pot pie that was loaded with fat goodness for dinner. Yum!


Day 9

Same as yesterday, still feeling great. I definitely notice that the MCT oil in the morning plus the maca (Femmenessence Maca) gives me a nice natural boost of energy. Most importantly, I’ve been loving how easy keto recipes are. I’ve been following this 30-day meal plan and each recipe can be made in under 30 minutes. This makes it even easier to stick to it –which is so important!


What I ate: I made my variation of the “Bulletproof Coffee” again this morning and ended up making another one later in the afternoon as well (so I cut my maca dose in ½ for each drink so I wasn’t over-doing it on maca). For lunch I had leftover healthy chicken pot pie and for dinner we made a Mexican Zucchini Noodle dish. All of those recipes are from this 30-day meal plan by Healthful Pursuit.


Day 10

So, it happened. I had sugar cravings creep up on me today… I’m not sure if it was my body actually wanting it because it felt deprived of anything sugary or carb-y or if it was my brain trying to sabotage itself. Our brains can be so powerful, so it’s been interesting exploring what it is my brain feels vs. my body. I was also feeling more stress than usual today, so that may have had something to do with it, and unfortunately I broke into a cacao chocolate bar I had in a drawer. Not the worst “cheat” food, but I sure felt guilty. And you can bet my body let me know that wasn’t the right move – I had a stomach ache for the rest of the day 🙁   Lesson learned! I also felt anxiety creep up on me today, which, for the most part, has been totally at bay during this program. It may have been from the stress in my day, or perhaps the negative self-talk about my chocolate break-down. I went to acupuncture tonight and felt reset after that.


What I ate: Part of the stress from my day was I had back-to-back meetings with very little downtime. So I didn’t have time to make a meal from the program I’m following. Instead, I cooked some chicken thighs on the stove in bacon fat from a prior meal and put that on a bed of greens, topped with avocado. I’ve been learning a lot about easy keto meals and how to think about the ratio of fat to carbs and proteins so I felt pretty confident that this meal would fit the bill — and it did. We also had this for dinner since I made a double batch for simplicity.


Day  11

Today I was on the go much of the day and still sustained great energy. Cravings are gone today and I’m feeling better overall. I went out to lunch today with a friend at a vegan restaurant which was a bit tricky  to navigate but I made the best decision I could and we had a great time.


What I ate: Hormone-boosting “Bulletproof Coffee” for breakfast, vegan meal for lunch (at restaurant) and for dinner we made a repeat meal from earlier this week, Mexican Zucchini Noodles.


Day 12

Today is a Saturday and I was up and at it by 7am which is early for me on a weekend! I was ready to go with a busy and exciting day 🙂 No cravings today, good mood, no digestive issues.


What I ate: I made the “Bulletproof Coffee” with organic decaf coffee today, had spiced pumpkin soup with full-fat coconut milk for lunch, and for dinner we went out to a restaurant and got a ribeye steak with veggies cooked in olive oil. We followed the guidelines of how to eat out when eating keto in our 30-day meal guide book which was really helpful.


Day 13

Feeling the same as I did yesterday and the days before. Had a really good workout and throughout this process have been able to sustain myself during even really intense  workouts with this change in fuel source. Sometimes when beginning the keto diet, people can feel fatigued and weak as their body switches to a new fuel source (fat), but I think because I’ve generally consumed a good amount of healthy fats even before going keto, my body was pretty well adapted and I personally haven’t experienced that “side effect”. Your experience may be different, however.


What I ate: I made a nut-based falafel dish with zucchini noodles and a coconut-oil based mayonnaise. This was a really unique meal, fun to make, and very satisfying and filling. We went out to dinner tonight again, this time to a Mexican restaurant (it was a weekend) and found the best option we could on the menu – chicken, lettuce and guacamole! We’re finding that it is possible (although not as easy)  to eat out on keto.


Day 14

End of week 2 and I’m feeling excited about how this is going! I will say my husband is getting a bit fed up with it since he feels more restricted than I do. He has zero health issues (lucky him!) so he’s really just doing this out of curiosity and support of me, but I think the regimen is wearing on him, which has made it a bit difficult for me. When we were out to dinner last night, I told him to enjoy what he eats and not focus on being fully keto, and I think that balance helped him through a rough patch. It’s important whenever going through a health journey to find balance.


If you’re completely unhappy in the way you’re eating or living life just for the sake of health, are you actually doing yourself any good? That stress and unease can wear on you, keeping you stuck and no better off. Whenever my clients experience this, I encourage them to backtrack to WHY they  want to be on this journey and what their goals are, to ensure that the actions they’re taking align with that and they feel they are moving forward. I encourage you to do this, too, if you ever feel stuck or frustrated.


What I ate:

My hormone balancing “Bulletproof Coffee” for breakfast, leftover falafel and zucchini noodles for lunch, and an InstaPot butter chicken recipe for dinner. I felt great after each of them – and especially  fully after the falafel.


Onto Week 3…

We’re about to dive into our Week 3 meal plan and see what the third part of our journey has in store for us! Stay tuned next week for my  third update.

Week 2: Mid-Way Through a 30-Day Keto Diet Experiment






Kristin Thomas is a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specialized in helping women with hormone, digestion, and autoimmune health concerns. Having gone through these health challenges herself, she now helps clients find their own path to complete wellness through practical and natural diet and lifestyle changes.





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