Welcome back to my Week 4 recap of going keto! This is the final week of my official 30-day keto experiment, and at the end of this post I’ll recap what I did and didn’t like about keto and what I plan to do from here.


If you haven’t yet, first read  why i’m doing the keto diet and how week 1, week 2  and week 3 went. They give you a good background on what this diet is, why it can be healing for gut health in particular, and what I’m doing day-by-day to follow it.


Day 22

As I begin the last full week of my 30-day keto diet journey, I’m taking note of the recipes I’ve enjoyed most during this program and making those this week. I’m loving the variety and how different these meals are from even the most unique meals I’ve tried on paleo. That’s part of the fun of trying a new diet — to get out of your comfort zone and explore new and delicious foods!


What I ate: Started the day off with my favorite new hormone-boosting “Bulletproof Coffee” variation (recipe is in my Week 2 recap), made a quick sausage, kale and avocado salad with EVOO and lemon dressing. For dinner, made roasted radishes and wrapped them in bacon (recipe from this program)


Day 23

I had a bit of a stomach ache throughout the day but can’t attribute it to anything in particular. One thing that has been in the back of my mind since starting this diet is the amount of coconut I’m eating, as this used to be a food sensitivity for me just two years ago. I more recently ran another food sensitivity panel and found it wasn’t a reactive food at all anymore, but I think I was so traumatized when I found out I was sensitive a few years ago that I’m afraid it’ll come back.


What’s different now is I take on a regular basis several gut healing supplements and superfoods (l-glutamine, collagen powder, bone broth, aloe juice, probiotics) and feel I’m in a much better position than a few years ago with severe leaky gut. Food sensitivities have really been the biggest challenge for me in doing this program, as I explained more in detail in my week 3 recap. Otherwise, it’s been fantastic!


What I ate:  Hormone-boosting “Bulletproof Coffee” and a decaf coffee with full-fat coconut milk later in the afternoon. For lunch, I was only craving some nuts, so I had a handful of those plus a bit of avocado and water and was all set until dinnertime. For dinner, we made keto pork meatballs (recipe in the recipe guide I’m following)


Day 24

I woke up with a bit of a stomach ache again today (mostly bloating) but it seemed to subside after I had some l-glutamine and a bunch of water. Because of that, though, I wasn’t hungry at all for more than my “Bulletproof Coffee” in the AM and had a light lunch made of a small piece of chicken and side of avocado.


What I ate: Hormone-boosting “Bulletproof Coffee”, cardamom chicken with roasted veggies (recipe in the recipe guide I’m following) for lunch and keto pork meatballs again from last night — this was my favorite recipe so far!


Day 25

I was on a flight to Nashville today, so sticking to keto was…let’s say a bit more difficult! I got up at 4am, so it was way too early to eat a fat-fueled breakfast, so instead I brought a Wild Zora protein and fat bar with me to eat once I was at the airport.


What I ate: Wild Zora bar for breakfast, cobb salad for lunch and a bunless burger with avocado for dinner.


Day 26

I was in Nashville still today and had a very hard time finding keto recipes (it was raining) so I stuck to a bit easier food – paleo


What I ate: I ate an Epic bar for breakfast, had tacos in bibb lettuce for lunch, and a gluten free turkey burger at night. We certainly had to dig around a bit to find places that worked for me, so considering that, I did pretty darn good!


Day 27

I returned back home to normal keto eating! My stomach is happy 🙂


What I ate: Hormone-boosting Bulletproof coffee in the morning followed by a super easy Instapot Keto Chicken Curry (recipe from this book) for lunch and dinner. I’ve been making more and more meals in my Instapot lately. This makes it so easy to batch prep food to last several meals.


Day 28

I’ll be honest, about two weeks into keto, I wasn’t sure if I’d want to stay on the diet after the 30 days. But seeing how terrible I felt for just two days going off of it when I was in Nashville and how good my body felt going back on it once I returned home, I know I’m onto something and my body needs this.


Of note, keto is NOT for everyone, nor am I endorsing it as such. This series of posts is documenting my journey and what I’m doing to get into ketosis and why it works for me. Please do consult with your healthcare professional or set up a session with me to discuss if a diet like this may be right for you depending on your specific health goals.


What I ate: I switched things up this morning and made a matcha latte with keto collagen powder and a bit of stevia to sweeten. Mmm this was a good pace of change from the drink I’ve been having all month. For lunch, I made another quick batch of chicken cooked in broth in my Instapot. For dinner, we ate nut-based falafel with spiralized veggies (recipe in this recipe guide). This recipe is a keeper!


Day 29

Today is the last full day of eating fat fueled meals on Healthful Pursuit’s Keto Beginnings program, but I view this as just the beginning of a beautiful journey. The next two days are “carb up” days, but seeing how negatively my body reacted to a higher level of carbs just a few days ago in Nashville, I’m not about to test it. In a moment, I’ll explain where I’m going from here.


What I ate: I made another matcha latte with keto collagen powder for breakfast. I’ve been testing out intermittent fasting a lot lately and my body is really agreeing with it. So I’m waiting longer and longer to even have the latte, starting only with lemon water in the morning. Of note, fasting is not right nor safe for everyone, especially if you have severe hormone imbalances and impaired digestive function, so I’m only doing it now because my body is finally strong enough for it.


Anyways, for lunch I made a chicken salad loaded with avocado oil salad dressing and avocado, followed by an Instapot pork recipe my amazing husband made for us for dinner, and a side of brussel sprouts simmered in broth.


Will I continue keto?

You bet! I went into this journey purely out of curiosity and came out healthier than before. Especially since I’ve been dealing with gut dysbiosis, avoiding most carbs and all sugar is so important, as gut bugs like yeast can feed off of sugars, which can make them proliferate or make it harder to get rid of them. I was having a hard time figuring out a sound way to fully avoid sugars and most carbs, and turns out keto was it. As a bonus, I’ve confirmed my body prefers fat as fuel, and I’ve had more energy and needed zero caffeine as a result.


From here, you’ll still find me posting my keto journey here and there on Instagram and I’ll be working to continue to find the perfect balance for me.


Thank you for those of you who have been following my four-week series! It’s been a joy sharing it with all of you and I hope my journey gives you better insight into what it’s like to follow a keto diet, what the various meal suggestions are, and decide if it’s worth giving a shot yourself.


What if keto isn’t right for you?

If you’re looking to explore what diet is right for you, or perhaps have tried dieting and still feel like you don’t feel well no matter how clean you eat, get in touch with me to schedule a free 20 minute intro call. I’d love to get to know you, and if we decide we’re a fit to work together, fantastic!

Week 4: Keto Journey Wrap up and Thoughts on Keto for Digestion






Kristin Thomas is a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specialized in helping women with hormone, digestion, and autoimmune health concerns. Having gone through these health challenges herself, she now helps clients find their own path to complete wellness through practical and natural diet and lifestyle changes.





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