The Love Your Gut group program is officially open for enrollment.

An awesome crowd of health warriors, both new to this whole “healthy living” thing and veterans who take probiotics like there’s tomorrow have already punched their one-way ticket to gut health glory.
These amazing people are set to start giving their digestion the boost it’s been screaming for from the first few lessons alone.
And the testing and custom protocols!
I used to only reserve those for one-on-one clients…
But I’ve seen how my clients’ eyes light up when they finally see their lab report match up with how they’ve felt, despite doctors telling them otherwise, and how much better they feel in a matter of WEEKS by working on exactly what they need, no more, no less.
So I’ve added testing as a component to Love Your Gut as well as a 30-minute one-on-one consult with myself, a certified functional nutrition practitioner, to review your lab results AND get a custom protocol recommendation that I create for you.
Talk about cutting to the chase and taking ALL the guesswork out of the equation for ya!
OH! And the 8 BONUS done-for-you protocols.
As soon as module 4, you get access to eight pre-created protocols for common digestive health issues like acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea. These are cheat sheets you can keep with you that address the specific foods, supplements, and lifestyle hacks to combat any sort of digestive imbalance.
They’re a drop in the bucket of awesomeness that is the Love Your Gut group program. And it really only takes one of these protocol cheat sheets to cover your investment fast.
(Challenge for you: try just 2-3 of the foods in the “Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux” cheat sheet and NOT extinguish the fire pronto-tonto. Truly.)


Here’s the thing…

You’ve already been hard at it, struggling to achieve just a sliver of relief from your escalating symptoms and food and bathroom fear. You already have some gluten-free goodies in your cabinets, dairy-free milk in the fridge, and a probiotic or enzyme at the ready.
The struggle is transforming those one-off changes in your diet and life into a strategic plan that will actually have an impact. What aren’t you doing that your body still needs? Why does it seem so easy for others…but so damn hard for you?? Is there something wrong with what you’re doing?
You already know the answer isn’t medication and that to get to the root of the issue you need to focus on real, deep healing…the kind that will blow past any of those band-aids you’ve been given so far and that your body will actually respond positively to…


When you join Love Your Gut, you’ll finally have access to EVERYTHING you need to turn your questions and worries into powerful healing opportunities… ones that can help you put your digestion on a pedestal and upgrade your health, your energy, your vitality, and your confidence that…heck yeah you can do this!!


What you get when you join Love Your Gut…

12 in-depth lessons: This program is overflowing with everything you need to know to understand gut health. Consider Love Your Gut your ultimate go-to guide for your digestive health.

Strategies and techniques that have all been rigorously tested and proven broadly to help restore digestion naturally. I’ve used them for my clients AND for myself. I’ve tested ’em. Made mistakes. Corrected mistakes. Brought ulcerative colitis into remission, sealed up leaky gut, and said adios to parasites. All that good stuff you expect from functional nutrition. And every other FDN practitioner uses these things on their hundreds of THOUSANDS of clients, too.
Lab work and a custom protocol: You’ll run the most advanced and comprehensive at-home stool test, the GI-MAP, at the onset of the program. When your results are in, you’ll receive a custom protocol that I create for you based on your results, which will help you go from 0 to 60 in mere weeks (seriously – consider how long you’ve been at it already with little progress). We review all of this together in a private 30 minute 1:1 session.
Live training and Q&A calls each month where you’ll have a chance to implement actionable strategies live so you can walk away with answers that can literally 10x your investment in Love Your Gut the second you take action on them.

8 done-for-you protocol guides that are fast-action cheat sheets to help you address constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, leaky gut, and more. Print them, save them, and use them daily!

The Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health lists are two of my favorite go-to guides that help you quickly dial-in on your daily meals without the confusion.

Food, Mood, Poop Diary where you can track your foods, moods, and poop to uncover hidden clues about your body. You’ll be surprised what you find out! (BONUS: Bring this diary to our 30-minute session to review!)

Complete recipe guide & meal plan with over 100 chef-approved food and drink recipes that are designed to support gut health. They’re spouse-approved and easy to make!

Private Facebook group is a sacred place you can go to ask the questions you’ve been embarrassed to ask anywhere else, gain accountability and motivation.

Love Your Gut is right for you if…

Let’s be honest: your digestion isn’t as pretty as it used to be, right? If these things are going on…

  1. Reflux after every meal that lingers for hours…
  2. Bowel movements so irregular they’re like the weather
  3. Fatigue that kicks your a** from the moment you crawl out of bed
  4. Someone that keeps hinting that you should just take medicine for it (I totally took this advice at first)
  5. A family that would be faaaar more likely to listen to your health advice if you could only prove that the things you’re doing actually work, first
  6. Or deep, burning hunch that there’s something a lot more complex goin’ on inside your belly that no one else is talking to you about…


…then your digestion needs a little lovin’.


The goal of Love Your Gut isn’t to cram you full of concepts and jargon that make you look 5% smarter at your next family gathering.
The goal here is much more direct: To arm you with the high action techniques that you can put to work (and feel better from) IMMEDIATELY.
Know what to do. Why you’re doing it. And how to make it work for you. No messin’ around. No going through a 50-hour, Costco-sized video library.
Most of the videos are about 15 minutes long, actually.


Proven. Repeatable. Set of techniques. That creates awesomeness.
That’s what we’re talking about in the Love Your Gut group program. None of that slow burn nonsense – are waiting for you inside the Love Your Gut Members area.

Every minute you spend *waiting* to join the super-affordable Love Your Gut program is another minute you could’ve been doing this: learning about and implementing the right things that gives your digestion a happy, calming feeling.
Time to make it all happen. 🙂

Enroll now and I’ll send your login within 90 seconds. 

The Love Your Gut Program Spring 2018 Is Now Open for Enrollment!






Kristin Thomas is a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specialized in helping women with hormone, digestion, and autoimmune health concerns. Having gone through these health challenges herself, she now helps clients find their own path to complete wellness through practical and natural diet and lifestyle changes.





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