“I’ve had nearly a 90% improvement in stomach cramps since completing the Love Your Gut Group Program.” – Marquita A.


To say the Love Your Gut Group Program is built to be a fast-action, practical program for women navigating the complexities of gut health in the modern world would be pretty spot-on. Built from the ground up by functional digestive health specialist Kristin Thomas, this three-month program addresses all major areas of gut health dysfunction, and week by week, members learn ways to resolve chronic, complex gut health problems naturally and easily.


Considering that so many people (perhaps you, too?) have been trying to improve their digestion for years already, being able to see real improvement in just three months probably sounds pretty darn good to you right about now.


We interviewed a recent Love Your Gut graduate, Marquita A., to get a sneak peak into her progress since completing the program.


What major breakthrough did you have?

“I’ve had a nearly 90% improvement in stomach cramps and I honestly feel better than I have in a long time!”


What enticed you to join Love Your Gut?

“I wanted to get to the root cause of my extreme stomach cramps and take control of my constant battle with digestion issues. I knew I needed to work with someone who would take a functional approach to my health and someone who was passionate about naturally healing the body. That’s how I found Kristin.”


What was your favorite part of the program?

“The Love Your Gut program gave me the tools and support I needed to finally take control of my health and start the process of healing. I also really appreciated how easy it was to communicate with Kristin; if I had any questions, she made it a priority to respond.”


How are you feeling since finishing the program?

I have not felt this good in a long time! Even when things don’t go as planned some days, I have the tools and information to help reset my digestion and get back on track fast.


Do you recommend this program to others?



Shouting From the Rooftops: More Love Your Gut Testimonials

“As someone who’s been through the exact same highs and lows of a digestive disorder, Kristin was just the right advisor through this whole process! I tried things I’ve never have dreamed of beforehand and am loving it!” – Julia L.,


“I am so grateful for the Love Your Gut program because it broadened my awareness about food, helped me pinpoint food sensitivities, and live more consciously. This program was a big step for me; thank you so much for spreading this important knowledge!” – Aly C.


“When I saw Thrive by Food’s Love Your Gut Program and got to know more about Kristin’s story and history with ulcerative colitis, I knew that this was the investment into my health I needed to make. Little did I know just how much I needed this guidance and support – I now believe I can get well and am so grateful for Kristin’s guidance.” – Carly I.


“The Love Your Gut program taught me how to treat my stomach the way I should have treated it years ago. I noticed a huge improvement with my energy and how I feel day-to-day. Thank you for providing a program that was able to work around my needs and limitations!” – Alyssa S.


“I loved how available Kristin was to us and how much care she gave to each of us, almost treating us like we her your babies!  She made us feel welcomed and safe and I loved that.”   – Jessica K.


I LOVE how this program specifically targets gut health. I can tell a difference in my digestion and now feel super energetic every day without needing coffee #MIRACLE. Anna C.


Your Journey Forward: Better Digestion Naturally

An awesome crowd of health warriors, both new to this whole “healthy living” thing and veterans who take probiotics like there’s tomorrow have already punched their one-way ticket to gut health glory by joining the Love Your Gut Program.

These amazing people are set to start giving their digestion the boost it’s been screaming for from the first few lessons alone. Enrollment is open — join us today!



Join the Love Your Gut Group Program

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90% Gut Health Improvement and Daily Digestion Reset Tools With the Love Your Gut Group Program






Kristin Thomas is a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specialized in helping women with hormone, digestion, and autoimmune health concerns. Having gone through these health challenges herself, she now helps clients find their own path to complete wellness through practical and natural diet and lifestyle changes.





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