By now I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing clients, and yet you may wonder, “What is it really like working with Kristin? I know she helps people get to the bottom of their digestive health concerns and is super passionate about what she does, but what would it really be like to have her holding my hand and cheering me on throughout the process?”


There are so many health coaches, let alone coaches out there today, and I absolutely believe it’s important that you find the right fit!


Let’s look to Jenn Cross, a long-time Thrive by Food client, and hear straight from her experience why she came to work with me and what her experience was like during our time working together.




Q & A

What were you looking to accomplish with your health when you began looking for a health coach?

My biggest goal was to heal my digestive issues. I had been focusing on healing my gut since 2013. I had seen a naturopath and did some tests which, unfortunately, came back with rather inconclusive results. I tried many things over the years and nothing had really helped — at least not the degree in which I knew I wanted and needed. I was seeking someone that could help me with my digestive issues because these symptoms had been plaguing me, for so long!


Why did you choose to work with Kristin?

I had some interaction with Kristin through another health coach she partners with. Once I saw that she was partnering with them, I went and checked out her website. After joining her free Facebook group and reading her website and her own personal story, I said to myself, “I just have to work with her! I just have to!”


She knows what she’s doing and has handled her own digestive issues. I find that it’s important that anyone you work with can relate to your situation because they really have a stake in the game, and they know what you’ve been through.   


Kristin understood that and that was the biggest thing for me. I knew I had to work with her and had a really good feeling about it; I truly felt like she was going to help me.


What did you like most about Kristin’s approach and her 1:1 program?

From the start, I really liked the idea that we could work over the phone or computer. That is a huge plus these days because it gives me greater flexibility and ease to incorporate it into my schedule. I think if I were to pick one thing I liked the most, would be her willingness to listen to me. There were times where I had ideas about what direction I needed to move in with my treatment and testing and she was really open about that.


She was open to what I had to say and I think a lot of people who are ‘authorities’ in a field might not be given they have so much knowledge in their field. I’ve been to other practitioners who shut you down, especially if they themselves don’t know what you’re talking about, which has left me feeling ignorant. So I really loved how open she was to listening to me and my input in the process, not only what I needed physically, but financially.


I always felt like she cared about whether or not I got better and I’m not sure I can say the same about another doctor or practitioner that I’ve seen. I certainly didn’t feel that I was just a number.


The way Kristin outlined all I needed for my health plan was really clear and easy. It saved me so much time from having to create one myself. This was key because when I went to take my supplements, my schedule was already in place and all I had to do was look at the list!


All the extra materials she sent in between our appointments was incredibly helpful, such as the guides and other materials that presented themselves to be useful during the course of our time working together.


Oh, and I also really appreciated her speedy communication and organization!


By the end of the program, what results did you see?

After completing the program, I got rid of two bacterial infections and completed a parasite cleanse. My sleep is definitely better and my acne is better! When we completed a follow-up questionnaire, we found that my neurological issues were much better, too! We then started another protocol to clear the next level of items that came up on my re-test. I really learned so much about the different tools she applied, such as the power of aloe vera juice. I myself had never thought of that and never knew exactly what it was used for!


It was so much more helpful to have her knowledge than trying to rely on Google, which usually doesn’t lead you anywhere. I gained so much knowledge on how to read tests and what those markers indicate. I am a nerd at heart so I love nerding out of those types of things! My confidence in my body’s ability increased and a lot of that came from Kristin and the encouragement she gave me. There were a few times when I emailed her totally overwhelmed, and she reassured me that ‘I’ve got this, it’s just going to take time.’


Her encouragement really helped and being able to see that my body CAN get better was a huge things for me! Therefore, when we re-tested, I knew I could successfully address it as I had before. In the past, I wouldn’t have felt that confidence in my body’s ability to heal that way.


Why do you recommend Kristin to others?

Kristin knows what she’s talking about and she cares about you. She is really accommodating to other people’s schedules. She truly believes her clients can get better, which is half the battle! She is willing to try different things and to listen. One of the things I really liked about her is that she’s always learning what she’s practicing. There are practitioners who don’t continue their education but it’s really important to continue learning. Kristin is always learning new things and is a very hard worker. She practices what she preaches!


What would be 1 word or phrase you’d use to describe Kristin?

Well, I have four!


Encouraging, knows what she’s talking about, willing to listen, and hard working.


How to Work With Kristin

Jenn’s results are not uncommon, in fact, within just days or weeks, most all Thrive by Food clients already experience a major improvement in their health and by the end of the program, they have a completely new understanding of their body, feel in control of their health (often for the first time ever) and walk away with tools and information they can use to manage their health for the rest of their life.


To work with Kristin, begin by booking a free strategy call to discuss the program in detail, find out if you’re a fit and answer any questions you have!


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What It’s Like Working with Thrive by Food: A Client’s Experience






Kristin Thomas is a health coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner specialized in helping women with hormone, digestion, and autoimmune health concerns. Having gone through these health challenges herself, she now helps clients find their own path to complete wellness through practical and natural diet and lifestyle changes.





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