5 Essential Oils for a Healthy Gut and Immunity {Free Training}

5 Essential Oils for a Healthy Gut and Immunity {Free Training}

Essential Oils for a Healthy Gut and Immunity (1)

On Wednesday, November 15th, 2017, I will be co-hosting a brand new LIVE free training: Essential Oils for a Healthy Gut and Immunity.


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I had no idea just how powerful and easy essential oils were to add into my daily gut health routine, and I’m teaming up with essential oils expert Sally Farrington of Hope Health Healing to teach you everything you need to know about using essential oils for digestion and immune health.


In this free hour-long training, you will learn:

  • The 5 best essential oils for digestion and immune support
  • How to easily add essential oils to your daily routine
  • Free tips for using each oil for maximum effect
  • How to buy the best quality essential oils 
  • BONUS: Learn Sally and Kristin’s other favorite digestion and immune support tools that complement the use of essential oils


Once I found out how easy and effective essential oils were to use for digestive health, I can’t believe I ever lived without them!


If you’ve heard about essential oils but haven’t know where to begin (there are a LOT of oils!), let us break it down for you. 


If you have any digestive issues, I invite you to join our live training on Nov. 20th to learn more about the most important essential oils for gut and immune health that everyone should be using (you included!)


Maybe you’ve tried a few essential oils here and there but never really gave them a shot…


Or maybe you’ve heard about them but didn’t know where to begin…


Or maybe you’re ready to find the right next natural gut health tool but want to learn from the experts how to do it. 


If this is you, you have nothing to lose an everything to gain by joining us for this FREE LIVE TRAINING: Essential Oils for Digestion and Immune Health on November 20, 2017 to find out the information you’ve been missing in your healing journey. 


Plus, as a bonus, we’ll show you our favorite recipes and tips for easily incorporating essential oils into your daily life.


Register Now


Can’t join us live? No problem! We’ll be recording the whole thing and will email it out right after the webinar so you can watch it at your convenience. 


On November 15th, grab yourself a cup of tea and a notebook and learn about the essential oils you should be using for a healthy gut.



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