How to Become Emotionally and Spiritually Tuned Into Your Health

How to Become Emotionally and Spiritually Tuned Into Your Health

How to Become Emotionally and Spiritually Tuned Into Your Health

Ever feel like there’s gotta be more to health than just eating well?


There may be a big part of your health journey that you have yet to tap into, and it has to do with the emotional and spiritual connection with your body.


This week on the Thrive by Food Show, my weekly health and wellness show on Facebook Live, I featured Kayla MacArthur, a Mindset & Manifestation Coach. Kayla has studied under the likes of master coach Rich Litvin and has gone through her own health and wellness journey that ultimately led her to breakthroughs in intuition, emotions, spirituality, and her body.


Kayla’s health journey that includes weight issues, hives, and gluten intolerance brought her closer to her body both emotionally and spiritually, and during our live Q&A she opened up about the connection between these three areas of health and what it means if any of them are left behind.


I can’t wait for you to hear how Kayla’s journey unfolded and her advice to you on where to start.  



In this 30-minute Q&A, we cover:

  • How Kayla wound up with hives, gluten intolerance, and weight imbalance in just a period of a few years
  • The connection between these three things
  • How she came to realize the emotional and spiritual component of them all
  • The one system that can help people begin to explore their health issues on an emotional and spiritual plane
  • How people can begin to practice self-expression and the health benefits of it
  • The key things Kayla did that helped her overcome her health challenges that had nothing to do with diet and everything to do with her mind and wellbeing


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