The Benefits of Aloe Juice for Digestive Health

The Benefits of Aloe Juice for Digestive Health

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Aloe is an incredibly powerful plant that anyone with digestive issues should know about. When I used to think of aloe, I would automatically think of sunburn relief. Similar to how aloe helps relieve sunburn, it also helps to relieve intestinal damage. It has nourishing properties unparalleled by anything else in the plant world. It’s almost as if aloe vera was made for the human gut! When I first started researching ways to restore my gut health, I turned to aloe and was blown away by how powerful and effective it really way. I now consider it one of the most transformative supplements for a healthy gut.

Why Aloe Juice Worked for Me

Aloe provides soothing relief from digestive distress. It nourishes the intestinal lining and promotes easy elimination without pain or excess acidity. My digestion used to be terrible and I would often get pain and bloating every day, but not since I made consuming aloe juice a regular part of my routine.

Aloe vera juice is rich in enzymes that help break down food and increase assimilation. This basically eliminated the issues I was having with poor, painful digestion. Aloe vera also has prebiotic compounds that help feed healthy bacteria in the gut. It’s also helpful for acid reflux issues as it nourishes and soothes the esophageal lining. This was huge for me because for over ten years I was on acid blocking medication that was really doing me no good, so by consuming aloe juice, I found my acid reflux nearly healed itself. 

The best part about aloe is that it isn’t just another isolated supplement, it’s a food. It’s loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, C, E, B12 and folic acid as well as minerals and contains nearly all the essential amino acids.

It’s easy to use this common houseplant, you can buy the juice directly, or start growing your own organic aloe. I have one growing my window right now. It’s one of the lowest maintenance plants you can get (which is the only reason mine’s still alive). Once your aloe plant has reached a healthy size, you can cut a leaf off, split it open and add the gel to your smoothies or water.


Holistic health doesn’t get much easier than aloe vera.



You can add aloe juice to your smoothies or drink it straight each morning. This is a great way to start your digestion on the right foot and make it a part of your daily routine.


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