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slowing down in modern society

How to (Actually) Slow Down in Modern Society

  I had a truly magical day this past Saturday and learned a really important lesson from it that I wanted to share today. It’s a lesson I’ve been needing for years.   I learned the lessons of truly slowing down.   Like no distractions. No worries. Nothing to do. And pure bliss. Not just […]

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thrive by food trail mix recipe

Thrive by Food Anti-Inflammatory Trail Mix

I love being in the kitchen. You can find me pretty much any Sunday and weekday evening making new recipes. This past week, I set out to make an anti-inflammatory “trail mix” blend for my clients. With Summer almost upon us, many people will be traveling but trying to stay healthy when traveling can be […]

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raw vegetables gas

Why Some Raw Vegetables Cause Gas and How to Avoid It

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there today about eating raw vegetables for better health. One expert will say to have as much as possible and another will say to avoid it.   Here’s the truth: raw foods can be really beneficial, but only if your digestion is in balance. For many of us today, […]

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BLOATED natural remedies

Bloated? Here Are Three Natural Remedies

Every week, I speak to dozens of clients and prospective clients from all over the country about digestive health. Everyone has their own health story and journey. But one common thread in all my conversations, this week in particular, was bloating.   Bloating can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and for many of you, it might […]

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Exercise & Gut health

Here’s What Exercise Has To Do With Gut Health

When you think of exercising, you probably don’t think about it benefiting your gut health, do you? Fact is, exercise isn’t all about the physical benefits, it goes far beyond muscle tone and calories burned! Exercise affects your whole body, including your gut. Professional athletes actually show a much more diverse microbiome than their non-exercising […]

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constipation natural remedies

3 Ways to Relieve Constipation Naturally

Constipation is a symptom many of my clients experience, and I’m no stranger to it either. It happens to everyone at some point. You might even experience constipation when you transition from a typical diet into a clean eating gut-healing diet. That’s because, even though you’re eating well, all of a sudden you’re putting food […]

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