By now I’ve worked with hundreds of amazing clients, and yet you may wonder, “What is it really like working with Kristin? I know she helps people get to the bottom of their digestive health concerns and is super passionate about what she does, but what would it really be like to have […]


What It’s Like Working with Thrive by Food: A Client’s Experience

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    What comes to mind when you think of your oral health? I imagine for most of you, your digestion does not come to mind, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching others about the intricate connection between the two!     We are taught that our oral health and hygiene is independent […]

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How a Healthy Oral Microbiome Impacts the Gut Microbiome

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  One of the most painful things is to watch our feline best friends in pain and feeling helpless as to what to do. Just six weeks ago, I thought we were going to lose my 8-year old cat, Riley, who I’ve had since he was a tiny kitten. Today, he’s sitting here on my […]

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Holistic Treatment Options for Feline Cystitis & My Personal Experience

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    While many holistic approaches to the gut healing zero in on removing pathogens and adding in gut healing foods and herbs, there’s one incredibly important piece of the puzzle that many practitioners miss that can mean the difference between fast-tracking to digestive wellness and prolonging symptoms and dis-ease. It’s the topic of food […]


Have Food Sensitivities? Here’s Why Your Digestion May Never Fully Heal

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    It’s no secret that fiber is incredibly important for our overall health. Read any blog on fiber and you’ll hear, ”Make sure you’re getting enough fiber!” But when it comes down to it, what is fiber and why is it that it’s so helpful for our digestion and overall health?   Dietary fiber […]


Why Fiber is Good for Digestion (And When to Avoid It)

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By now, you know the aisles of your local Whole Foods or natural grocery store like the back of your hand. Every week, you stock up on your organic, gluten-free, ethically produced, non-GMO perfectly created ingredients including…   Green powders- ✓ Collagen- ✓ Organic eggs- ✓ Bone broth in the fridge- ✓ Wild blueberries in […]

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It’s Whole Foods, It’s Healthy! Or Is it…?

I see it time and again: Clients come to me with a cabinet overflowing with supplement bottles in an effort to “cure” their chronic illness…yet they don’t feel any better. Many of these people have been taking these supplements for months or years, spending, on average $200-$400 PER MONTH. But natural supplements are supposed to be a […]

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You Can’t Supplement Yourself Out of Chronic Illness (Here’s Why)

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I recently returned from a magical 10-day vacation in Spain, which is a 6-hour time difference from where I live in Massachusetts. My biggest fear about returning was that I would likely feel jet lag for the next six days or so. (They say it takes one day per hour of time difference to adjust). […]

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Hate Jet Lag? How to Biohack Your Body and Overcome it Quickly

You’re walking home from dinner on your long-awaited vacation and that nagging burning sensation in your chest from acid reflux begins to bubble up. You instantly have flashbacks of those nights spent awake because the burning was so awful. You begin to fear eating anything because it could trigger the reflux. The rest of your […]


Is Acid Reflux Ruining Your Travel? How to Avoid or Treat It Naturally

You’re a few days into vacation soaking up the sun, delicious new foods, and enjoying some well overdue R&R. And then…you start to feel bloated and heavy around your stomach, to the point where every meal feels less and less enjoyable. Was it something you ate? Maybe. Do you have a stomach bug? Hopefully not! […]

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Constipation Ruining Your Travel? How to Avoid and Treat It