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When Enough is Enough: When To Take Digestive Health Action (& Mistakes to Avoid)

When it comes to your digestive wellness, have you ever wondered, when enough is enough?! Enough bloating, enough worrying about what you can and can’t eat, enough anxiety when traveling….enough!     In this blog, I’m recapping a live Q&A with myself and Crossroads of Fitness’ fitness and nutrition expert Garrett Wood. We discuss Garrett’s gut […]

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thrive by food GI-MAP test

Functional Stool Testing: An In-Depth Look at the GI-MAP Test

  Being a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, I practice from the “test, don’t guess” model. It’s the fastest way to cut to the chase, identify the root causes of even the most complex health issues, and pinpoint real healing opportunities. To effectively address complex or unexplained digestive health concerns, we first need to know what is […]

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