You Can’t Heal Stress With More Stress

You Can’t Heal Stress With More Stress

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You can’t rush healing.


If stress got you here…wherever you are with your health…stress is not the way out. The body simply isn’t built to respond that way, especially if you want deep, real, lasting healing.


I had digestive issues brewing in me in high school, but it wasn’t until I felt incredible stress in my prior job that ulcerative colitis really reared its ugly head.


I spent hours desperately researching every night to find a cure. The moment I learned about clean eating I rushed home, threw out EVERYTHING in my cabinets and ran to Whole Food to get clean foods.


I meal prepped like a CRAZY person.


I Amazon Prime’d EVERY new supplement I found out about.


I was RACING to feel better, but I never fully healed. Sure, I felt a big difference and my symptoms were mostly at bay, but I KNEW I wasn’t all the way there.


And I stayed STUCK in this phase for YEARS. It wasn’t until very recently that I FINALLY admitted just how bad stress was playing a role still in my health (it took a hormone panel I ran on myself to show me the data).


So I committed to releasing stress. Enjoying the process. Slowing down.


And despite EVERY conviction in my body telling me this wasn’t the silver bullet, it was. I’ve felt better these past few months since I’ve invested in my mental health and releasing stress than I’ve EVER felt.


So, my love, be kind to yourself. Slow down. Process the pain. Look what brought you here in the face and forgive it.


And believe it or not, you will get there faster this way.


If you need help slowing down and want to FOCUS on what to do (and all the other things you don’t need to be doing), you can apply to work with me – this is some of the DEEP work we do!


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