It’s almost America’s birthday and your dream would be to celebrate it without worries of bloating, pain, or gluten exposure. Let’s make that happen!   For most, July 4th brings about thoughts of fireworks, BBQs, sunshine, and pools, but for you it may bring about food fear, bathroom fear, and travel fear. Will you be […]

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How to Have a Healthy July 4th: Tips and Recipes to Support Your Health Journey

The holidays are fast approaching, which means you may be traveling, gathering with loved ones, celebrating with merriment, and eating lots of food you may not usually eat…   If you’re anything like me, I really wanted to find a way to enjoy the holidays and wake up the next day feeling great. I quickly […]

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The Thrive by Food Holiday Clean Eating Guide {Download Now!}

Juicing is an incredible way to get a lot of fresh vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your body, but it can also feel like an incredible waste of food. When I first got a juicer several years ago, I thought I was juicing wrong because I had so much leftover pulp, but that’s the […]

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Juicing: Here’s What to Do With the Leftover Pulp

Anyone who knows me well knows I love avocado anything. So the moment I heard about avocado oil, I began learning how it could be used and its many benefits. Avocado oil is a nutrient dense oil that should be in everyone’s cupboard. It’s great for cooking, skin care and digestive health and offers more […]

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How and Why Use Avocado Oil Regularly

  What exactly is a mono meal and why is it beneficial for digestion? It’s a very good questions that can be answered by taking a look into the life of our ancestors. For thousands of years, they didn’t have had access to the array of foods we have when we open our fridge today. So when they […]

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How and Why to Make a Mono Meal for Better Digestion

The holidays are arguably the toughest time to stay healthy, among the pastries, rolls, candy and overstuffed serving sizes. It’s the time of year we tell ourselves, “It’s okay, it’s just one day that I’ll slip up.” But the decisions we make one day can have a domino effect. All that sugar you loaded up […]

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How To Have a Healthy Thanksgiving: A Meal Planning Guide

These days you can’t go anywhere without coming into contact with processed food. It’s everywhere — and the companies behind them want it to stay that way. Whether it’s the nachos at your favorite restaurant, most of the food in the center aisles of the grocery store and just about all the food out at […]

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How To Stop Relying On Processed Food (Even When You’re Busy)

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates I’ll take that quote a step further, Hippocrates, and say that if all disease begins in the gut, then all healing begins in the gut. An incredible amount of our body’s functions originate in the gut — not just digestion but also immunity, weight management, skin health, […]

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The 4 Best Ways to Get Probiotics From Your Food

I tend to get carried away at buying fresh food at Whole Foods. Organic this, grain-free that, I’ll take two of each! This one time I found myself shoving a massive bunch of kale into the crisper drawer while simultaneously trying to stop the tomatoes from tumbling off the top shelf all while wondering where the […]

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Don’t Let Fresh Food Go to Waste (And How to Save Money At the Grocery Store)

Sweet potato is a nutrient-rich substitute for regular white potatoes, and in my opinion, are far more tasty! Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin B5, B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and, because of their orange color, are high in carotenoids. They also have fewer calories than white potatoes — although they do have more […]

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Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Mash Recipe