Glutamine is synonymous with bodybuilding, it’s also useful for so much more than just muscle recovery! L-Glutamine helped me to heal my leaky gut, strengthen my digestive system and recover from my mounting digestive issues much faster. I also like to think it helps me recover faster from spin and barre classes! 🙂   What is […]

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How L-Glutamine Can Aid in Healing Digestive Symptoms

Aloe is an incredibly powerful plant that anyone with digestive issues should know about. When I used to think of aloe, I would automatically think of sunburn relief. Similar to how aloe helps relieve sunburn, it also helps to relieve intestinal damage. It has nourishing properties unparalleled by anything else in the plant world. It’s almost as […]

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The Benefits of Aloe Juice for Digestive Health

Soup certainly doesn’t sound like any special life changing superfood. It’s soup, you’ve eaten it all your life. Made right, soup actually has massive potential, but if you buy it at the store or in a restaurant, it often gets ruined with nasty preservatives and flavoring agents. The true benefits of soup are in whole […]


Why Eat Soup for Better Digestion?

  What exactly is a mono meal and why is it beneficial for digestion? It’s a very good questions that can be answered by taking a look into the life of our ancestors. For thousands of years, they didn’t have had access to the array of foods we have when we open our fridge today. So when they […]

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How and Why to Make a Mono Meal for Better Digestion

How healthy your digestive system is depicts what shows up health wise in your outer world. That means that, more often than not, if  you’re depleted of energy, have adult acne, get sick often and are bloated, you can chalk that all up to poor digestion. So to fix it all, you first need to […]

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My Favorite Gut-Healing Smoothie

People always ask me about probiotics. Which one’s work? Do they need to be refrigerated? How many billions of cultures do you need to consume each day?   By now you know just how important probiotics are, and maybe you’ve even incorporated some fermented foods (like these) into your diet. Taking a supplement will put […]


How to Choose the Best Probiotic

Today, I’m so excited today to launch the Love Your Gut Group Coaching Program! I’ve been quietly building this program behind the scenes over the past few months and am SO thrilled to be able to now share it with the world. Love Your Gut is the exact program I wish I had when I was going through […]

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Introducing the Love Your Gut Group Coaching Program! {What’s Inside…}

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates I’ll take that quote a step further, Hippocrates, and say that if all disease begins in the gut, then all healing begins in the gut. An incredible amount of our body’s functions originate in the gut — not just digestion but also immunity, weight management, skin health, […]

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The 4 Best Ways to Get Probiotics From Your Food