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Do Colonics Work and Are They for You? Let’s Take a Look

I had a truly magical day this past Saturday and learned a really important lesson from it that I wanted to share today. It’s a lesson I’ve been needing for years.   I learned the lessons of truly slowing down.   Like no distractions. No worries. Nothing to do. And pure bliss. Not just happiness […]

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How to (Actually) Slow Down in Modern Society

    Is there a night recently that you can say you slept really well? If yes, please know that I’m very envious of your sleep, and you can stop reading right here.   For most of us, though, it’s become the norm to feel fatigued and exhausted. For me, I had never felt more […]

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Does sleep come naturally for you? Here are 5 things to try

  Wow, September absolutely flew by! It’s officially fall, and you know what that means — the leaves are falling, pumpkin-flavored-everythings are out and the sniffles begin.   As many of us know all too well, once the sniffles begins, a cold quickly ensues. I’m pretty sure i’m not alone in saying this: I hate […]

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9 Immune Boosting Strategies To Beat The Winter Cold