There’s a smoothie craze happening, and it’s creating stomachaches worldwide. We’re told that green smoothies are all you need to detox your way to a nourished mind, body, and spirit, but what if you get all those high-vibe ingredients and blend them all together, only to have your stomach tighten three minutes in? I get […]

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Smoothies Giving You a Stomachache? Here’s Why

If you suffer from poor digestion, bloating, stomach aches, constipation or diarrhea, odds are there’s one thing you’re not doing.   This is by far the simplest, most effective way to improve your digestion exponentially right away. You might be surprised by how incredibly easy improving your gut health really is.   The answer? Chew […]


The Single Best Way to Improve Your Digestion Today

Anyone who knows me well knows I love avocado anything. So the moment I heard about avocado oil, I began learning how it could be used and its many benefits. Avocado oil is a nutrient dense oil that should be in everyone’s cupboard. It’s great for cooking, skin care and digestive health and offers more […]

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How and Why Use Avocado Oil Regularly

Cranberry sauce is a staple in the traditional Thanksgiving dinner but is often loaded with processed sugars you can easily avoid.  Here’s a new, healthy twist on a cranberry sauce recipe using maple syrup and citrus flavors. Enjoy!  

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Maple Cranberry Sauce Recipe