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As a functional practitioner, I see the body as one whole interconnected system, meaning I can help clients with a broad set of conditions and symptoms by making a few strategic changes. That said, there are particular areas of health that I am especially trained in. Many people ask me if I can help them with their condition, so if you resonate with any of the below conditions or symptoms, we’re going to be a great fit! If you don’t see your condition or symptom on the list, feel free to email me.

Ulcerative Colitis

ulcerative colitis treatment

I’ve personally overcome ulcerative colitis (see my story here and here) and I’ve worked with many people with UC to help identify the root cause, reduce/eliminate inflammation, fine-tune a diet that’s enjoyable, not irritating, support the immune system naturally, reduce stress (that mind-gut connection will get ya!) and much more. I get what it’s like to have UC and I’m always honored to help others with UC overcome it. 

Crohn's Disease

crohns disease treatment

Crohn’s Disease is similar but different to Ulcerative Colitis but many of the same fundamentals of treatment remain the same. I’ve studied Crohn’s Disease extensively and worked with many Crohn’s clients to help them identify the root cause, reduce/eliminate inflammation and pain, support the immune system naturally, reduce stress, and much more. 


ibd ibs treatment

IBS or IBD can be a frustrating “diagnosis” because it’s still quite vague and leaves you with so many questions. By running functional lab work, we can pinpoint what’s triggering your IBS or IBS (e.g. parasites, bacteria, yeast, heavy metal toxicity, Lyme, hormone imbalance or sluggish liver) so that we can craft a SPECIFIC plan to remove what’s irritating your body and restore it back into harmonious balance. This work also includes fine-tuning a diet, managing stress in a healthful way, and much more. 


sibo treatment

SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is a migration issue of bacteria from higher up in the intestinal tract migrating down to the small intestine where they should not be. This can cause terrible pain, bloating, gas, bad breath, and more. I run clients through a step-by-step plan to first identify what bacteria are there and then restoring function across the GI tract so that bacteria stay where they should and you can recover form SIBO. I’ve personally had SIBO and recovered from it using all the strategies I now use with my clients. 

Liver & Gallbladder

liver gallbladder natural treatment

Impaired liver detox function and a lacking or malfunctioning gallbladder can lead to body-wide toxicity and digestive troubles. The first part of working with anyone in my programs is to make sure detox pathways are open, free, and clear. This alone can help to bring digestion and hormones back into balance, too. If you’re missing a gallbladder, you need extra bile support, otherwise, digestion will become extremely difficult. These are both foundational elements of my program. 

Hormones & Thyroid

natural hormone and infertility treatments

Hormone and thyroid imbalance is becoming more and more common today with the influx of toxins in our daily life, poor diet, skyrocketing stress, poor digestive function, poor liver detox, and more. I work with many clients who are looking to get pregnant, heal their bodies from infertility, restore their body back to balance after birth, recover from birth control, or just optimize their bodies for good health. This work involves looking at both the thyroid and endocrine system at once to see how they’re communicating and where the imbalance truly lies so we can re-regulate your entire hormone system. 


autoimmune disease treatment

Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, MS, RA, the list goes on. Autoimmunity is a dysregulation of the immune system due to a trigger, such as a pathogenic infection, viral load, heavy metals, and more. Treatment of autoimmunity is multi-factor, including functional lab testing to figure out what’s triggering the immune system and removing them, strengthening the immune system, fine-tuning a diet, reducing stress, improving sleep, and more. I’ve dealt with autoimmunity personally and 90% of my clients have come to me to address theirs.

One of the functional lab tests I run can detect autoimmunity across the body up to 10 years before any symptoms set in. This alone is an incredibly preventative approach to your health. 

Food Sensitivities

food sensitivities

Food sensitivities are becoming more and more common these days, often due to “leaky gut”, or damage to the intestinal lining that causes food to “leak” out and interact with your immune system. I run many advanced lab tests that are highly sensitive at detecting sensitivities to 100+ foods, as well as deep-dive tests into gluten, dairy, nuts, seafood, lectins, corn, egg, and more. By eliminating food sensitivities from your diet, you enable your immune system to calm down, inflammation to reduce and your system to begin to heal. 

Sleep, Energy & Stress

natural sleep, energy and stress strategies

I see so many clients with declining sleep, low mid-day energy, and crazy-high stress. So how can it be addressed? Is it even possible? Absolutely, love! Each of these areas are highly interconnected and often by addressing the root of what’s stressing out or exhausting the body, we see all of these improve on their own. It’s also about tuning into a deeper level of your being as well as identifying what role stress plays in your body (it’s not all bad!). Every area of my work with clients helps to address these three key areas. 

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  • Heavy metal toxicity & detoxing
  • Lyme disease testing & recovery
  • Nutrient deficiencies & repletion – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, etc.
  • Mycotoxin testing & treatment
  • Other infectious diseases – viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, yeast
  • Neurotransmitter testing & rebalancing
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