Why Eat Soup for Better Digestion?

Why Eat Soup for Better Digestion?

soup for digestion
Soup certainly doesn’t sound like any special life changing superfood. It’s soup, you’ve eaten it all your life. Made right, soup actually has massive potential, but if you buy it at the store or in a restaurant, it often gets ruined with nasty preservatives and flavoring agents. The true benefits of soup are in whole food ingredients and high quality homemade bone broth. This is where you can really benefit.


A soup made from local, seasonal ingredients and high-quality broth is better than any superfood or supplement out there. It’s a complete way to nourish your skin, immune system, joints, digestion and gut health.


Here’s Why…

Bone broth is rich in natural gelatin, which is anti-aging and great for rebuilding damaged intestinal lining. Making bone broth from scratch is as easy as throwing your leftover chicken carcass in a large pot of water and letting it simmer for 24 hours. This gets all the good stuff out of the bones and into the liquid. Or you can buy it from brands like Epic who make really high quality broths, but you will be paying for the convenience. 


So how do you flavor your broth to emulate that flavor we love so much from additive-ridden store bought brands? You can create your own flavor base by simply sautéing onions, garlic and herbs. It doesn’t take long to cut up an onion (or you can buy then pre-cut and freeze dried) and throw it in a hot pan with some olive oil, but it makes all the difference.


Next are the veggies you put in the soup. I recommend getting them at your local farmer’s market to get the freshest seasonal produce. In the summer, I love cooking fresh carrots or asparagus in a homemade stock and blending with fresh dill. In the Fall and Winter, I make soups with root vegetables and hearty herbs like sage and rosemary. It’s all about sourcing local, pesticide-free vegetables for the most nutrient dense soups. Nothing you can buy from the store compares to what you can make at home with relatively little effort. And soups are all about time-savings.


Many of you are busy enough, you don’t need yet another recipe to add time and hassle to your schedule. Thats where soups come in. Many mornings, I just throw whatever veggies I have in the fridge into my crockpot, pour in my broth, add a few herbs and let it simmer all day so that when I get home, all I have to do is pour it in my bowl and I have a nutrient-packed dinner. 


Add your broth, flavor base and veggies to your a large pan or crockpot and simmer until the veggies are cooked through and the smell becomes mouth-watering. If you like your soups chunk, serve as-is. If you prefer them creamy, take an immersion blender or add in batches to a blender and blend until smooth. 


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