20 Free Gut-Healing Recipes You Can Make This Week

20 Free Gut-Healing Recipes You Can Make This Week

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Ah, food. It can be a guilty pleasure or an incredibly healing tool. I’m not sure how many times I’ve been asked to share the gut-healing recipes I make, and I’m always more than happy to!


Maybe you’ve been eating Paleo for a while now, or you’ve done Whole30. Or, maybe you’ve tried eating clean but there was just no time or energy to do so…


Why is it that none of these things work?


Well, for starters, as clean as many of the recipes in these diets are, some still include offending foods that can actually trigger inflammation, bloating, and even feed bad gut bacteria. Yikes, right?!


And second, many of the recipes take foreverrrr to make (or at least the ones in the recipe books I’ve bought do — and I’ve got a ton!). I mean, who has 45 minutes to make a meal these days?! I don’t! Do you?


So let me make this a whole lot easier for ya!


I narrowed in on 20 of my favorite recipes that are loaded with gut-healing goodness AND that are fast and easy to make so that you can use the same recipes I do!


>> Get a FREE copy of my Gut Healing Recipe Guide


Not only will this guide help you easily pinpoint the foods that are best for healing your gut, they’re super easy and fun to make so you can begin making them RIGHT NOW in your own kitchen.


Once you learn the specific foods that promote good digestion, you’ll have the ability to craft any meal, simple or complex.


I encourage you to download this guide and head to the grocery store ASAP so you can dive right in and feed your tummy what it’s always been wanting!

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