Juicing: Here’s What to Do With the Leftover Pulp

Juicing: Here’s What to Do With the Leftover Pulp

how to reuse juice pulp


Juicing is an incredible way to get a lot of fresh vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients into your body, but it can also feel like an incredible waste of food. When I first got a juicer several years ago, I thought I was juicing wrong because I had so much leftover pulp, but that’s the nature of juicing.

I wasn’t about to waste all of that pulp by throwing it in the trash, so I got creative and found many ways to re-use it to both maximize my grocery budget and reduce waste. I also asked my amazing Instagram community for their advice on what else to do and received many more tips from them as well. 

Here are several ways to use your juice pulp:

How to Reuse Pulp from Juicing

1. Freeze it in Cubes

One of the easiest ways to re-use the pulp is to pour it into ice cube trays (the smaller the cubes the better) and use them in smoothies. Especially if you juice a lot of greens, this can be a great way to easily add in greens to your smoothies later on. I label which veggies I used in each juice pulp concoction as I freeze them into cubes so I can match them to the right smoothie. 


2. Use Frozen Cubes for “Spa Water”

This was one of my favorite tips from an Instagram follower of mine. You can also take the frozen cubes and place 1-2 in a glass of water to give it a “spa water” taste. Anytime I go to the spa, I love the cucumber water, lemon water, and watermelon water, so now I can easily re-make that flavor at home! Again, I just mark on each tray what ingredients are in each frozen batch so I can pick and choose which spa water flavor I want to create.


3. Veggie Broth

You can simmer either fresh or frozen juice pulp with water, garlic, onion and spices to make a delicious veggie broth in no time. I’ve been making chicken and beef broth at home for years, but now that I’ve been juicing so much and have so much pulp to use, this has become my new favorite broth to make. You can either simmer it on low over the stove for several hours, or put it all in the crockpot for the day. 


4. Sneak Them Into These Recipes

If you’re looking to boost the nutrients in everyday meals, there are many that can benefit from some added juice pulp, including:

  • Muffins
  • Breads
  • Homemade burgers
  • Soups

Carrot and zucchini breads and muffins are especially ideal to add in juice pulp as the flavor will meld in perfectly. I also heard from one of my Instagram followers that she adds pulp to lamb burgers for an added nutrient boost without much of a flavor takeover. I have yet to try it, but it sounds delicious.

Back to You!

Do you re-use pulp in any other ways? I’d love to hear and continue to add to this list! Or if you have a recipe you’d like to me link to in this post for everyone to try, comment below and let me know!



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