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What I Do

As a functional nutrition practitioner, I look to treat the whole body, the whole time. Instead of just treating symptoms, I specialize in guiding clients through a customized one-on-one program to identify and eliminate underlying problems. This is done by not only looking at the food you eat, but many other lifestyle factors including your career, relationships and exercise, all areas that can impact your wellbeing. From here, I work with you to begin implementing practical lifestyle and dietary changes that will restore your health and support your long term goals! This approach promotes what your body was born to do — heal itself by itself with proper nutrition and care, so it’s my job to enable a path that’s right for you.


Unlike a dietitian that deals strictly with the scientific principles of nutrition, as a functional practitioner and health coach, I serve a much broader function. Taking a holistic approach to coaching, and having an understanding of over 100 dietary theories and health patterns, I help you improve your health on the whole.  


I do not directly compete with other healthcare providers like doctors, nurses or dietitians; rather, I complement their work and share their mission of increasing the health and quality of life of our clients. My goal is to help you be your best, not limit you to one modality or approach.

My Story

I was sick for over 10 years from the very food I was eating. What started out as a general IBS diagnosis quickly turned into chronic ulcerative colitis, and within just two years I found myself staring in shock as my gastroenterologist told me that if the next round of steroids didn’t make my symptoms go away, we needed to explore surgically removing my colon.

Simultaneously, I had become entangled with anxiety and depression, a result of a few tragic losses in my life, as well as what was going on with my catapulting digestive disorders. At one point, I think I was simply a guinea pig for my doctors, having been put on just about every brand name anxiety and depression medication you can think of.

As I counted how many doctors I had been seeing, number of times I walked out of their office with no answer other than “you’ll have this for the rest of your life” and medications I had been put on, I could no longer hold back my tears and anger about what had gone wrong with me, but it was at this point that I decided to turn to food as my medicine.

There was a very powerful statement I learned early on in my journey: “the food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison”. This couldn’t have come to me at a more perfect time, although I wish I had learned it many years prior. Within just weeks, I no longer felt crippling stomach pains or startling heart palpitations. Within a year, I was off every single prescription medication.

Experiencing how powerful this change was for me, and after having worked with several incredible health coaches that provided me the support I needed to find the best diet and lifestyle to support my healing, I knew I had to become a health coach to help others just like me — because I know there are many of you out there! These conditions may be invisible, but I know the pain and also know how good it feels to be well again.

Kristin's Bio

Kristin is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a focus on helping clients with digestive issues (ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, acid reflux, etc.), autoimmunity (ulcerative colitis, thyroid, RA, MA), and anxiety/high stress lifestyles.

Taking a holistic approach, I see these as strongly interrelated issues that I myself have dealt with for many years, which is why this is my focus and mission as a health coach to help client not only recover, but thrive again.

I received my Health Coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN), and functional nutrition training from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  Drawing on this knowledge, I use a personalized approach that is based on the unique body, lifestyle, preferences and goals of each client in order to help them achieve success in my program.

I can’t wait to help you design an individualized plan for health!  Schedule a free 20 minute introductory call with me today to learn more about my programs.

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