What is the Love Your Gut Program?

Love Your Gut is a 3-month guided online program designed to help you heal your gut naturally.  

You’ve tried everything — all the diets, detoxes, books, vitamins, and even yoga. But you still don’t feel like you have the answers you need. And as soon as you start to see results from something, it just as quickly plateaus. So what gives?!  

Your biggest worry is that maybe there just isn’t a solution out there for you.  

Well, I was that girl who tried it all, felt hopeless, alone, and broken down. What I eventually realized was I was looking in all the wrong places. There was no single diet that would heal me. No catch-all supplement that would reset my body. What my body needed all along was a customized plan and to be guided by someone who had been in my shoes before.  

In the Love Your Gut Program, you’ll get the real answers. Is it just acid reflux, or is it actually an invasive bacteria hiding out deep in your gut? Are you genetically programmed to have bloating and acne, or is it something that can be reversed?  

The Love Your Gut group program fuses together functional lab work with a gut-healing diet plan, weekly tutorials and all of my favorite tools to heal your gut for good.  

My goal is that by the end of the program, you will have found the exact right path for you, and a complete toolkit for gut health that you can use for the rest of your life. Maybe most importantly, you will walk away feeling completely in control of your health and condition.  

You’ll know what foods work for you and which ones don’t. You’ll know how to be proactive about your health, even if you don’t have a lot of time day-to-day. You’ll know the protocols to restore your body back to function if symptoms ever flare up again. And you will finally feel like you again. 

Imagine if you could heal from the root cause...

  • With a functional lab report on hand, you'll have the answers you need in order to move forward.  
  • You could stop wasting money on the wrong foods, diets, and supplements and instead discover what it is your body really needs.  
  • You could sustain energy, bring down chronic inflammation, get rid of stubborn weight, say good-bye to adult acne, and sleep like a baby just by giving your body the right healing it's been asking for all along.  
  • You could confidently walk into a dinner party, vacation or holiday gathering knowing you have your digestive issues under control.  
  • Eating and living life would be fun again!

That's exactly what the Love Your Gut Progam will uncover

The Love Your Gut group program will help you show you that it is possible to heal your gut, no matter how far along in your health journey you are. 

You'll understand where your gut issues may have all started (the answer may surprise you, mine sure did!), and how to give your body the right healing so you can feel better for good.

I've truly been where you are right now, and I know how frustrating, embarassing, isolating and difficult having digestive issues can be! In my own digestive health journey recovering from ulcerative colitis, IBS, acid reflux and leaky gut, I've learned the tools, tests, foods, supplements and mindfulness techniques that can now help you feel better, too.

How would it feel if you finally knew exactly how to heal your gut? 

How would it feel to wake up every morning symptom-free and with full energy? 

How would it feel to gain a better relationship with food by understanding which ones work for your unique body?

What Love Your Gut Graduates Are Saying:

"Thank you so much for creating this program! I am feeling great and learned about many things I now can do on a daily basis. I loved how available you were to us and how much care you gave to each of us, almost treating us like we were your babies! You made us feel welcomed and safe and I loved that."  

- Jessica K.  

Your digestive system is the perfect place to start your journey healing from the inside out 

Here's a peek at what's inside the program...


Let's get you some real answers. Is it bacteria (h.pylori, c.diff), yeast (candida), fungus, or parasites that are causing bloating, food sensitivities, weight gain, increased appetite, acne, or brain fog? 

During the Love Your Gut Program, you will take the BioHealth 401H* test, a 3-day stool test to identify exactly what is hiding out (you may be surprised!). 

*Additional fee applies for the lab test. Special instructions for New York state residents. See FAQs below.


Once your lab tests are in, we will schedule a 30-minute results and recommendations session* to go over the results of your test, your specific protocol, and answer any questions you have. For many, this is the first time they see on paper the reason why they haven't felt well for so long. 

With a specific and customized protocol in hand, you'll know exactly what to do to heal your gut and restore full body health

*Your program agreement, intake forms, and payment must be received prior to receiving lab results and your custom protocol.


12 jam-packed weeks of course material (audio lessons + weekly handouts and guides) overflowing with every piece of information you need to understand gut health at a deeper level and the ways to promote healing. 

Think of this program as the ultimate go-to guide for your gut!


A full Recipe Guide (vegetarian and omnivore versions) with over 60 chef-approved food and drink recipes specifically designed to help heal your gut and keep you nourished, full, and satisfied!  

I’ve also designed weekly meal plans to make it as easy as possible to eat well, giving you more time to focus on healing your body.


As soon as you register for Love Your Gut, you will receive an invite to join our private Facebook group. 

This is a sacred place where you can meet other group members, ask the questions you’ve been embarrassed to ask anyone else (yes, we’ll even talk about poop!), and is a place you can lean on daily for support, motivation and fresh ideas from myself and everyone else in the group.


We will connect live as a group three times during the program (calls will be recorded if you can't make it). Each week, I will also be in touch via email to let you know when new course material is live and to answer any other questions for you.

BONUS: The first 5 members who join will get a 20-minute 1:1 wrap up call with me at the end of the program!

A one-on-one health coaching program would cost you nearly $1,600

Love Your Gut is only $597*  

*Payment plans available

When you join Love Your Gut, you'll get these BONUSES:

  • One 30-minute one-on-one coaching call (Retail Value: $100): You’ll get a private session with Kristin where you’ll review your lab results and discuss your customized protocol in detail.  
  • The Best and Worst Foods for Gut Health (Retail Value: $47): After studying over 100 dietary theories, and specifically the foods that enable our GI tract to heal and repair, I put together this go-to guide you’ll want to print off and carry with you everywhere.  
  • 5 Step to Better Digestion (Retail Value: $47): This guide will kickstart your new gut health journey immediately so you will have more time to implement other gut-healing protocols in this three-month program. 
  • A Guide to Colon Cleansing (Retail Value: $29): As lovely as this sounds, cleansing your colon is critical to restoring gut health. This guide will explain exactly what to do so you can feel squeaky clean!  
  • The Ultimate Guide to Raw Foods & When to Avoid Them (Retail Value: $97): Raw, whole foods are good for you, right? Well, not always. This explains why even the ‘healthiest’ foods may be bad for you and how to think about food instead.  
  • Food, Mood, Poop Diary (Retail Value: $29): Just as sounds, you will have access to my favorite type of food journal. During the program, you can track your foods, moods, and poop to uncover hidden clues about your body.  
  • 10% off Therapeutic-Grade Supplements: All Thrive by Food clients and group members get 10% off my favorite supplements. If supplements are part of your lab protocol, you will receive 10% off your entire order through me.

The Love Your Gut Experience: A Case Study 

"The Love Your Gut Program gave me a lot of different tools that I can continue to use to help with inflammation but also to treat my stomach the way it should've been treated years ago. During the program I was able to completely cut out caffeine, soda, and a variety of the sugars that I was craving. I've also cut out a majority of the meat that I've been eating as well as fast food (loved fast food). 

With the lifestyle changes I've noticed a huge improvement with my energy and how I all-around feel day to day. Thank you, Kristin, for providing a program that was able to work around my needs, limitations and my disease."

 - Alyssa S.

Is This Program For Me?

If you’ve tried everything but it feels like nothing works, chances are there is a deeper underlying cause that needs to be addressed. By running functional lab work, we’ll uncover those hidden stressors traditional tests and medical approaches miss so you have on paper the answers you’ve been looking for and a concrete action plan to finally move forward.

If you’re overwhelmed with where to start in your health journey, a group program gives you a framework to intelligently begin working on your health inside and out so you don’t waste a dime or a second on the wrong things.

If you have unexplained symptoms like acne, brain fog, sleeplessness, depression and more, chances are your gut has something to do with it! Taking a holistic approach to your health, we’ll get to the root of the issue with functional lab work and provide you with a framework to experience full body healing. 

If you’re tired of playing the guessing game and want to get straight to the point. You’re busy, but you know you need to prioritize your health, Love Your Gut will jumpstart your journey so that it’s easy to feel better fast. 

If you’re genuinely interested in gut health. I love teaching my clients about the underlying functions of gut health and how it’s related to the function of the rest of the body. I’ve infused my passion for digestive health into every tutorial, recipe, and call with the aim for you to learn as much as possible in a short period of time!

If you want to learn from someone who has truly been in your shoes. You name it, I’ve had it. Ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, IBS, acid reflux, parasites, bacterial dysbiosis, food sensitivities. Pulling from over 15 years of experience, you’ll learn practical, easy, and healing techniques that will work for you and that you can use for the rest of your life. 

If you need accountability to prioritize your health. Taking care of ourselves often gets deprioritized with a busy life. By committing to a three-month program and being surrounded by others who are on a similar journey, your health will always be top of mind and we will hold you accountable to taking positive action each and every day.

Register for Love Your Gut Today!

The Love Your Gut program is my core program, the summation of over 15 years of personal experience with gut dysfunction as well as specific training in holistic and functional nutrition and gut health. 

During the three-month program, you will:

  • Finally learn why you haven't been feeling well with a functional lab report that will explain the 'why' behind many of your symptoms
  • Understand how other symptoms (acne, fatigue, brain fog, sleeplessness, weight gain, etc.) are related to gut dysfunction and how to heal at a deeper level for full body health
  • Remove hidden stressors (bacteria, parasites, yeast and food sensitivities) to allow your body to finally heal 
  • Discover which foods are right for your body  
  • Combat fatigue, revive your energy, and restore your sleep  
  • Find the right path for you  
  • Feel alive again and ready to take on the world!

Have Questions? Schedule a FREE 20-Minute Consultation With Me

Want to be 100% sure this program is the right fit for you? I do too! Have more questions about how the program works that's not covered here? I probably have an answer! I'm offering free 20-minute consultations for those of you looking to talk through the program more specifically and determine if it's the right next step for you in your health journey. I know that making an investment in a 12-week program is a big decision, so let's talk it out. 

The Program Schedule (A Sneak Peak...)

Each week we'll focus on a new topic related to gut heath. Here's an overview of what we'll cover:

Week 1: Kickoff call, Ordering Lab Tests, Getting Started Handouts

Week 2: Understanding the Progression of Gut Dysfunction and the Role of Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Specific Gut Health Foods

Week 3: Detoxing the Gut and Understanding Food Allergies

Week 4: Symptoms Spotlight: Autoimmunity, Celiac, bacterial dysbiosis, acid reflux, leaky gut, Candida and more

Week 5: The Crucial Components of Food Combining, Alkalinity & Your Poop (Yes, I said it!)

BONUS: Done-for-you healing protocols will be released covering a number of common gut issues (constipation, diarrea, acid reflux, etc.)

Week 6: You Are What You Eat: Superfoods, Sugar Cravings, Ditching Caffeine, Supplements. Live Q&A grop call. 

Week 7: Emotions and the Gut: Emotions can control how much good and bad bacteria are in the gut. Tips to reduce stress and increase self-love

Week 8: Gut Health Roadblocks: Disease, Malabsorption, Autoimmunity, Hormone Imbalances & More 

Week 9: Everyday Gut Health: Maintenance & Management 

Week 10: Eating Out and The Holidays 

Week 11: Sleep, Energy and Digestion 

Week 12: Live Wrap Up Call, Developing Your Final Gut-Healing Plan 

A Recent Love Your Gut Graduate Says: 

"I LOVE this program. I like how many greens I'm consuming and I can tell a difference in my digestion. I felt super energetic the whole day without having coffee #MIRACLE. I love that the program specifically targets gut health and I can tell the difference in my body. 

Even my blood pressure changed! While mine was never considered high, it was always "at risk". I honestly had to take it twice to make sure these stats were right. This program is great!" - Anna C.  

About Me and Why I Created Love Your Gut

Hey there, I'm Kristin Thomas, a certified health coach, FDN practicioner and digestive and autoimmune expert. It's my mission to help you not only recover but thrive again. 

I received my Health Coach training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® (IIN) and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), where I studied more than one hundred dietary theories, dozens of functional lab tests, and natural treatment options. 

But maybe more important than any certification, I have over 15 years of experience with digestive health issues. You name it, I’ve had it: ulcerative colitis, IBS, acid reflux, leaky gut, h.pylori, parasites, e coli. It was at the point when my gastroenterologist told me I would have to be on heavy medication for the rest of my life or else get my colon removed that I took my health into my own hands. 

That’s exactly what I help my own clients do today: Gain control so that they understand their digestion at a much deeper level and have the tools and resources to heal their bodies. 

When I started my journey back to health, I bought every health book out there, watched every health revolution movie and spent hours on Google researching how to get better naturally. What I discovered is that there IS no “right” food! We are all different and have unique nutritional needs.  

This program is exactly what I wish I had when I was dealing with a whole host of my own digestive issues: ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, acid reflux and more. I remember feeling so alone and confused.  

As a certified health coach and FDN practitioner, I wanted to create a supportive and collaborative group program that will help people take small but effective steps towards lifelong, sustainable changes, and that's exactly what this 12-week program is!

In the program, we will focus on three stages of the digestive healing process:

Through a gentle process, we'll begin pinpointing and removing inflammatory foods and lifestyle habits that are not serving you well. 

We'll also identify what digestive stressors are hiding out in your gut (bacteria, parasites, yeast, fungus, etc.) by running a functional lab test and developing a custom protocol to remove it naturally and effectively. 

Next, we'll add in foods to replenish key nutrients, reduce inflammation and give you energy. You may even forget what the "bad" foods tasted like!

Implementing your custom protocol, you will also begin to replace the bad guys with the good stuff and restore normal digestive function. 

Throughout the entire 12-week program, we'll introduce key supplements and superfoods to help restore good bacteria, energy and function. 

Hello, flat tummy and easy digestion!


Still not sure if Love Your Gut is right for you?

Have more questions about how the program works? I'm happy to hop on the phone to discuss if Love Your Gut is the right next step in your heath journey.

Rather just send me a quick email? Email kristin@thrivebyfood.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours. 

Why I Want You to Join Love Your Gut

If you’re feeling confused about what to eat because everything seems to trigger a symptom or you're overwhelmed with where to even start to feel better, then you're in the right spot!  

But, fair warning: this program is about so much more than just what’s on your plate.  

I’ll teach you how to become a healthy person in a completely different way. These tools, tactics, and resources are designed to help you reduce stress, achieve your goals, live a healthier life and learn how to balance everything that fills up your crazy schedule.  

These are the same tools and strategies that work for me and my clients, and they’ll work for you, too.  

I guarantee that with a little effort, you will succeed in this program.  

It’s time to get your energy, your gut, your body, and your life back by saying goodbye to:  

  • Food allergies 
  • Stomach pains 
  • Constipation 
  • Leaky gut 
  • Toxic pounds 
  • Cellulite 
  • Brain fog 
  • Lethargy and exhaustion 
  • and adrenal fatigue  

Here's What You Will NOT Get...  

  • Hungry
  • Bored
  • General advice that may not work for you
  • Bland recipes
  • A trial-and-error approach
  • Quick fixes that don't work
  • A coach that doesn't have time for you
  • No results  

No more diets. No more confusion. No more promises of "miracle cures". No more wondering which foods are right for you. Just a simple, 12-week protocol delivered straight to your inbox each week.  

Next program begins April 2018.


“Working with Kristin has been a wonderful journey. She is relatable when it comes to dealing with the challenges of reaching your goals. She has a supportive attitude that encourages you to want to change your lifestyle for the better, and is approachable when you need a daily reminder that you are on the right path to achieving your health goals.”

- Zeban J.


1. What results should I expect?

Your results are directly correlated to how much effort you put into the program. Your desire to change your life and your health has a lot to do with what you'll get out of this program. Since everyone comes into the program in a different stage in their journey, and because we are all complex and amazingly different human beings, I cannot guarantee results, but if you follow the steps I've laid out in this program, and are dedicated to make a change, you will experience a lot of exciting change. 

After this program, you will feel empowered to take your gut health into your own hands. I'll be here every step along the way to support you in your journey through my weekly emails, the resources I'll provide to you in the program, and in the Facebook group and our weekly live Q&A calls. Along the way, I'll be sharing tools you can use when you hit bumps along the way. By the end of the program, you'll have all the know-how and resources to become a life-long health detective and will be well on your way to feeling better - for good. 

2. I've had a really hard time committing to my health in the past. How will this program be different? 

This is such a great question. When you're working on your health alone, it can be hard to know which diet is right, how long to stay on it, and what advice and research to believe. Even more, with no accountability or structure, it's so easy to fall off and slip into old habits and beliefs. 

By joining a group program, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation and offers a ton of accountability, both from myself and other group members. By participating in the Facebook page and tuning into the live Q&A calls, you will always be held accountable and engaged in your actions, which can increase your changes of sticking to your goals for good! 

3. What if I'm traveling for part of the program or unavailable for some of the live calls?

That's okay! This program is done completely online so you won't miss a beat. You will be given access to the program materials via email so you can follow along no matter where you are and at your own pace. So if you are traveling for a week, you can catch up on that week before or after your trip - it's okay! You won't miss a beat :) You will also get lifetime access to all course materials.

Each call will be recorded and available to members via email and on the Facebook group afterwards so you can listen at any time. 

4. I'm not in the U.S., can I still join the program?

Yes! The great part about online programs is that anyone can join from anywhere. We will try our best to schedule the weekly live calls during a time that works for a majority of the group, but if you're unable to make some or all of them due to a time zone conflict, they will all be recorded and send via email and on the Facebook so you won't miss a beat. 

Note about labs: If you live in Australia or New York state, we will need to work around specific lab testing guidelines and shipping policies so please contact me so I can set you up with the right testing plan for your location.  

5. Is there a refund policy?

Refunds will be considered within 30 days of purchase and on a case-by-case basis under the following terms. I will only consider refunds for what I call "Action Takers", or those who have participated in the program for a few weeks, read the guides and recipes, participated in the calls and/or Facebook group and given the program a fair shot. As a reminder, this program isn't a miracle pill and isn't magic. Good health takes time, especally if you've been living with bad health for quite some time. What I ask of you, and what your body asks of you, is patience to heal. If after experiencing the program to your fullest you do not feel it's the right fit, contact me within 30 days of purchase. 

You will forefeit a $75 medical directors fee which is required to order your lab test as your lab is ordered upon registering. You will also not receive your lab results if you cancel within 30 days as often it takes 5 full weeks between when the lab is mailed to you and you receive your test results.

6. What do the lab tests cost?

The only lab test that is a core part of Love Your Gut is the BioHealth 401H GI Pathogen Screen, which costs $279. This fee is not included in your enrollment cost and will be billed to you once you send in the test. This is the test I’ve run on myself time and again and is one of the first I run with every client. The results and insights from this test alone are worth far more. Some insurance companies may cover or reimburse part of the fee, so call them to ask about this test.  

If you are interested in running other tests, prices vary test-to-test. You can opt to run a food sensitivity test ($295), SIBO breath test ($149) or intestinal permeability test ($102).  

7. Do I have to run the lab test?

You do not have to run the lab test in order to join the program, but the findings of the test(s) is what makes this program entirely unique and useful. Oftentimes just by seeing on paper what correlates with your symptoms is enough to plunge you forward in your health journey. But if you would rather just try the recipes, tools, and participate in live and online discussions, I’d love to have you and you will certainly gain a lot!  

8. What do the protocol supplements typically cost?

Supplement costs vary a lot depending on your specific lab results. You will only need to be on them for 1-3 months depending on the specifics of your lab test, so it’s a short-term investment for a really long-term gain.  

9. Can I do this program if I am pregnant or nursing?

Yes, but we will just not run lab tests or supplement protocols for you. I do not recommend supplements be used while pregnant or nursing as they can stir up toxins that aren’t good for baby, so if you want to join but are pregnant or nursing, contact me (kristin@thrivebyfood.com) and I will send you a separate registration link at a discounted rate (minus the medical director program fee required to run lab tests). 


10. My family/significant other thinks we can't afford it. What should I do?

This is a very realistic concern! That’s why I offer a 3-month payment plan if you cannot pay in full upfront.

Also, think abouit it this way: during the program, you may start cutting back on eating out, having desserts and going on coffee runs, and even cancelling some subscriptions as you find more natural ways to live and eat that make you feel good

Think of all the money you've spent to date on supplements that didn't work, diets that flopped and doctor visits that still left you with a handful of questions. I realized I myself spent thousands of dollars on my own trial-and-error before I finally took control of my own health through a group coaching program that was far more affordable than what I was doing before.  

So, approach this program practically: the money you will save will likely far outweigh the cost of the program. And these cost-savings can continue on far beyond the program itself. You'll only be spending money on food and supplements that truly make you feel good, optimizing your grocery budget and other budgets. 

11. Do I need to have a Facebook page to be a part of the group? 

Facebook isn't required to join, but I do feel that the private Facebook group is an incredible resource. Having a whole group to lean on for motivation and support can be instrumental in the process, however in our weekly calls this is also a great place to gain support, accountability, and ask questions so be sure to tune into those as much as you can!