Should You Be Taking Prebiotics? Here’s the Low Down

Should You Be Taking Prebiotics? Here’s the Low Down

should you be taking prebiotics


One nutrient I never go without, especially when I’m taking probiotics, is prebiotics. The yin to probiotic’s yang, prebiotics help probiotics flourish in your digestive tract.

So, what are they? Prebiotics are indigestible plant matter that our gut bacteria feed off. They’re a magical little nutrient that can stimulate the growth and maintenance of our inner microbial world. This is critical in order to sustain good gut health or recover from a bacterial infection (like h.pylori or c.diff).

Popular source of prebiotics in supplements are raw chicory root and jerusalem artichoke, but I have many more prebiotic foods to share with you in today’s email.  

But first, let’s talk about why prebiotics are so good. Not only do they help boost the effectiveness of probiotics, they have a ton of other digestive health benefits like:

●      Boosting the immune system

●      Helping with weight loss

●      Maintaining blood sugar levels

●      Improving bone health

●      Supporting a healthy brain and balanced mood

How to Get More Prebiotics into Your Diet

While you certainly can supplement with prebiotics, it’s actually not necessary to because there are so many naturally occurring forms of prebiotics in everything from root vegetables and tubers to breastmilk! Here’s a go-to list for you: 

●      Dandelion greens

●      Raw asparagus

●      Onions

●      Raw garlic

●      Banana

●      Chicory root

●      Jerusalem artichoke

●      Raw jicama

See how easy it can be to get prebiotics into your diet? If, however, these aren’t foods you enjoy or eat regularly, then it might make sense to supplement, but I always encourage my clients (and you!) to try to get as many nutrients and gut-loving goodness from Mother Earth herself before loading up on supplements. 

How Much Do You Need?

On average, you need about 5 grams of prebiotics per day. You can obtain this much soluble fiber by eating a few of the foods listed above daily.
Try incorporating more prebiotics into your diet this week. Your tummy will thank you for it!


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