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Expert Tips for Healthy Meals

Meet Thrive by Food Founder, Kristin Thomas

What is a Healthy Gut? A Holistic Health Coach Breaks It Down

Q&A With Thrive by Food Founder, Kristin Thomas

Guest Blog Posts and Q&As

13 Home Remedies for a Stomach Ache

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3 Mood-Boosting Foods to Eat Every Day

3 Natural and Supportive Ways to Boost Fertility

Why No Single Diet or Lifestyle Works for Everyone

Healthy Chicks in the Community: Meet Thrive by Food’s Kristin Thomas

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Prevent an Ostomy With This Incredible Ulcerative Colitis Cure

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The 5 Most Inflammatory Foods You Should Be Avoiding In Your Diet

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5 Foods to Slim Down and Feel Your Prettiest This Summer


10 Natural Diarrhea Remedies to Make You Feel Better Instantly

17 Acid Reflux Remedies That Are Natural and Super Effective



Demo & Presentation: Immune Boosting Tips For the Winter

boston speaks kristin thomas

Panel: Your Healthy, Happy You!

Presentation: Detoxing the Home and Body


still stunning after 40 kristin thomas

Still Stunning After 40 Summit: “The Scoop on Your Poop: What’s Really Going on Down There and How to Fix It”

Healthy, Wealthy, and Slim Summit: More Than Intuition: The Gut is the Core of Disease and Health


Lab Tests, Dairy Cravings, and Eating Healthy on a Budget with Kristin Thomas

Building a Dream Business and Career Around Very Real Life Experiences

Healing Your Gut with Kristin Thomas

How to Shift Your Business Mindset with Kristin Thomas

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