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5-Day Relax & Digest Challenge

Hi pretty lady!'re eating all the right foods. You're taking the best supplements. You've even cleared out your kitchen of any foods that might tempt you to slip back into old bad habits (see ya, sugar and gluten!).

But you're still not feeling as good as you had hoped. What gives?!

There's one more piece to the puzzle you might be missing: Stress and it's immense impact on your health. Since you've already made some awesome changes to your health, you're in the perfect spot to tack on this next layer of long as you have the right tools and a plan to implement it.  

My new FREE 5-day challenge is designed to help you uncover what's blocking you from feeling better despite your good diet and arm you with practical, tried-and-tested (by me and hundreds of my clients!) strategies to throw stress out the door and finally put your body at ease. THIS is where deep healing, awesome digestion, and happy hormones occur. 

Read on and check out the 5-day challenge outline below for a look at what I'll teach you.


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 50 students in for free. 

Normal price: $197  

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)  

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Each day, you'll receive an email guiding you through four phases of the Relax & Digest Challenge, giving you powerful meditations, easy mindset shifts, and loving health living tips that you can implement right away. When you register, you'll also be invited to a private Facebook group where you can meet and connect with others on a similar path!

Here's what I'll be teaching...


Get Real: What's really holding you back?

I'll help you take off the blinders to help uncover what's preventing you from feeling better despite making some big changes to your health. Is it stress? Doubt? Negative thought patterns? Bad habits? An unsupportive partner? By identifying where you're blocked, we'll know exactly how to propel you forward.


Release: Preparing the Body for a Breakthrough  

This is commitment day! You'll have identified exactly what it is that isn't serving you (I'll help you get crystal clear on this) and I'll guide you through several releasing exercises to help you remove this burden from your life and open up room for deep, loving, full-body healing.


Embrace: Step Into Your New Reality With Grace  

This goes wayyyy beyond just adding in new habits, foods or supplements. I'll show you show to ingrain lasting positive changes to your life that will accelerate your health journey (buckle up, pretty lady!). 


Rise: Implement Lasting Change 

Afraid you'll quickly slip out of sync with these new changes once the challenge is over? Not if you tune into Day 4! I'll arm you with tricks to stay on track even when you're traveling, on-the-go, or having a bad day. 


Day-in-the Life: My Story  

On day 5, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own day-to-day routines to show you how I moved beyond my own blocks to step into the healthiest me. You'll learn what my own challenges were, how I handle the hard days, and what an average day looks like for me. PLUS, I'll explain what happened to my health when I failed to address the stress in my life. 


You're in luck! I'm letting the first 50 students in for free. 

Normal price: $197  

Your price: FREE (for a limited time)  

As soon as you register, you'll be invited into a private Facebook community and will receive an email with instructions on how to get started with the challenge (hint: it's crazy easy!)