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This is one of my favorites in terms of speed-to-ready and freshness. Before I was diagnosed with UC  (Ulcerative Colitis) and was still able to have dairy, making shrimp scampi was a weekly routine for me. With the invention of theVegetti (seriously, get this – it works!) my mind was opened up to a whole new possibility of recipes that I could reinvent. Naturally, Shrimp Scampi was one of them 🙂

Within 20 minutes you’ll go from ingredients to satisfying meal.

Shrimp Scampi with Veggie Spaghetti Recipe
Serves 2
All the food groups in one delicious meal!
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. 2 tbsp olive oil
  2. 1 lb shrimp (shelled and deveined)
  3. 1 tbsp minced garlic
  4. 1/4 cup white whine
  5. 2 tbsp lemon juice (fresh squeezed is recommended)
  6. 1 medium zucchini and 1 medium cucumber spiraled into veggie spaghetti
  7. 2 plum tomatoes, diced
  8. 1 tbsp chopped fresh basil for garnish
  1. Heat a skillet pan over medium-low heat and add the olive oil. Heat for 1 minute.
  2. Add the garlic and cook for another minute, stirring regularly.
  3. Add the shrimp and cook until pink on all sides (about 3 minutes).
  4. Sprinkle salt and pepper on shrimp mixture.
  5. With a slotted spoon, remove the shrimp from the stove and into a bowl, leaving liquid in the pan.
  6. Increase the stove to medium heat and add white wine and lemon juice, stirring frequently to avoid brown bits from forming on the pan.
  7. Cook the wine and lemon juice for 2 minutes until it starts to come to a boil.
  8. Add the zucchini and cucumber noodles and heat, stirring frequently for 2 minutes.
  9. Add the shrimp and diced tomatoes to the pan and toss.
  10. Season with salt and pepper to your liking, garnish with basil and serve immediately.
  11. Enjoy!
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Shrimp Scampi with Veggie Spaghetti Recipe






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