How to (Actually) Slow Down in Modern Society

How to (Actually) Slow Down in Modern Society

slowing down in modern society
I had a truly magical day this past Saturday and learned a really important lesson from it that I wanted to share today. It’s a lesson I’ve been needing for years.
I learned the lessons of truly slowing down.
Like no distractions. No worries. Nothing to do. And pure bliss. Not just happiness – but bliss.
I was at a magical place in Cranston, Rhode Island called Urban Sweat. This place has a turmeric sauna, black charcoal sauna, Himalayan salt sauna, Finlandia sauna, eucalyptus steam room and infrared saunas. O.M.G. Within just 10 minutes, I found myself soaking in the incredible scents, the beautiful atmosphere, and the high vibes. Sweating out the bad, soaking in the good.
If there is heaven on earth, I found it, and my life truly changed that day.
And you know what? Everyone there – I mean everyone – was deeply relaxed and happy, too. In today’s modern society, that’s a rare scene to see!
About half way through the day, I started wondering what it was about this place that allowed me to truly put the world behind me, relax, and be in the moment.
…because it’s been so hard for me to feel this way otherwise.
I always seem to find an excuse for why I cant slow down. I tell myself things will slow down when I have less on my plate or after something big in my life happens (like my upcoming wedding!) or that eventually I’ll just get better at it.

But I realized that’s the completely wrong way of looking at it all.

What I had to do was be deliberate about my intention to slow down.
And the best way for me to do that was by going to a place specifically designed for relaxation. But I realized it wasn’t just that place. Anytime I go to a yoga studio I get the same sense of deep relaxation.   
And this is far different from the relaxation I feel on a weekday night after I’ve wrapped up work or on a lazy rainy Sunday. I think it’s especially hard for me to relax at home since I own my own business. Anytime I am home and not working, it’s really hard for me to sit still or turn my brain off because my brain views home as a place of work and business.
So the key for me, and maybe it’s the same for you, too, is to designate a place – either in you house or outside your house – that can truly be your relaxing spot.
Maybe it’s a matter of designating a corner of your apartment or home for relaxation – whether that be for meditation, yoga, scent therapy, or whatever else relaxes you. Or maybe you’re more like me and need to go to a yoga class or a place like Urban Sweat to leave it all behind.
What I want you to know is that, no matter how busy your schedule is, you can still find the time to slow down and let it all go if you just put yourself in the right place.
I’m still in true bliss from this weekend’s experience as I write these words, and I don’t want this feeling to go away. My commitment to myself is that I will be going back to this place often, as well as prioritizing yoga more in my week, and creating more space and relaxation in my home so I can draw a better line between work and non-work.
This is some pretty big stuff I was able to turn around for myself in just a few hours, and if I can do it, you can, too.
I hope my experience can serve as a point of inspiration in your journey as you find what works for you. It took me a really (really) long time to get to this point, so perhaps doing what I did can help you get to this point, too.
And know that it will come to you when you’re truly ready.
I believe I came across this point and the mindset to decide to come here at exactly the right point in my life.

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