You’re a few days into vacation soaking up the sun, delicious new foods, and enjoying some well overdue R&R. And then…you start to feel bloated and heavy around your stomach, to the point where every meal feels less and less enjoyable. Was it something you ate? Maybe. Do you have a stomach bug? Hopefully not! […]

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Constipation Ruining Your Travel? How to Avoid and Treat It

How many times have you seen a Facebook ad, watched a celebrity endorsement, or seen your friend’s supplement drawer and bought the next best supplement on the market? I think we are all guilty of this to some degree — there are so many out there!   While supplements can be a great natural alternative […]

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The 4 Supplements You May Want to Consider for Better Digestive Health

Pharmaceutical companies make it seem that most of us have too much acid (hence why so many of us have or are taking acid blocking medication), but more often than not, the issue today is we have too low of stomach acid.   While heartburn can occur when we have high stomach acidity (a condition called […]


Here’s How to Test Your Stomach Acidity Levels (Is it Heartburn or Not?)

When I started learning about all the toxins I was putting into my body after years of eating processed food, I was horrified. I started to ask myself: How can I help my organs to get rid of these toxins more effectively? How can I help my gut to repair itself so that I don’t have […]


Should You Be Taking Digestive Enzymes? Here’s How to Find Out