What comes to mind when you think of your oral health? I imagine for most of you, your digestion does not come to mind, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching others about the intricate connection between the two!     We are taught that our oral health and hygiene is independent […]

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How a Healthy Oral Microbiome Impacts the Gut Microbiome

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Do you ever feel like living with a chronic illness should be easier to manage? Need more optimism to carry you through the valleys and peaks?   While you heal, there are several ways in which you can positively impact the trajectory of your gut health. It has to do a lot with the mind-gut […]

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How to Maintain Positivity with a Chronic Illness + 5 Meal Planning Tips

When it comes to your digestive wellness, have you ever wondered, when enough is enough?! Enough bloating, enough worrying about what you can and can’t eat, enough anxiety when traveling….enough!     In this blog, I’m recapping a live Q&A with myself and Crossroads of Fitness’ fitness and nutrition expert Garrett Wood. We discuss Garrett’s gut […]

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When Enough is Enough: When To Take Digestive Health Action (& Mistakes to Avoid)

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Welcome to part 3 of this 3-part gut healing blog series! Now that you’ve read part 1 and part 2, we are going to finish strong with one of my favorite topics: what NOT to do in your gut healing journey.   Let’s take a look at the top 5 mistakes I see people making […]

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The 5 BIGGEST Mistakes to Avoid for Better Gut Health

  Welcome to this 3-part blog series, based off of my recent 3-day gut healing workshop on Facebook (watch it below). Developing a healthy gut is a process that takes time, just as “disease” in the body also took time! My hope is that through this 3-part blog series, you feel more empowered, informed, and […]

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The 3 Signs of a Seriously Dysfunctional Gut

  The Love Your Gut group program is officially open for enrollment. An awesome crowd of health warriors, both new to this whole “healthy living” thing and veterans who take probiotics like there’s tomorrow have already punched their one-way ticket to gut health glory.   These amazing people are set to start giving their digestion […]

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The Love Your Gut Program Spring 2018 Is Now Open for Enrollment!

      If you’re like me, you love learning about new ways to use food to support your body’s ability to heal. But it can quickly become overwhelming to know which foods you should be eating to better your digestive health. Prebiotics this, probiotics that, paleo-approved, Whole 30 compliant, and the list of criteria goes […]

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Jerusalem Artichoke Soup Recipe That’s Anti-Inflammatory and Rich in Prebiotics

Have you ever wondered what the ‘gut’ really is? Is it a beer belly, a part of the intestine, or the whole intestine?! It’s something seemingly simple, yet I find time and time again people aren’t always clear exactly WHAT it is and WHERE it is. So, let’s break it down together.   Let’s get […]


The ‘Gut’ What? What is the Gut and Why Should I Care?

I know that the journey to healing your gut can be a lot at times. There’s so much to think about, research, try, and eat – and just figuring out how to put it all together and what to do next can be extremely overwhelming.   Reading through the Thrive by Food blog is a […]

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Introducing the 4-Week Restore Your Gut Program (New!)

If you’ve been following me online for any amount of time, you know I have a (healthy) obsession with food. The paleo diet was the first real diet I ever tried, and it was my first attempt at getting my ulcerative colitis and acid reflux issues under control. And if you know my story, you […]

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The Gut Health Benefits of the Keto Diet and Why I’m Doing It