You’re a few days into vacation soaking up the sun, delicious new foods, and enjoying some well overdue R&R. And then…you start to feel bloated and heavy around your stomach, to the point where every meal feels less and less enjoyable. Was it something you ate? Maybe. Do you have a stomach bug? Hopefully not! […]

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Constipation Ruining Your Travel? How to Avoid and Treat It

    Those of us in the functional nutrition and medicine world view antibiotics as the plague…but in certain scenarios, they are actually appropriate. If you come down with a severe infection that needs attention now antibiotics can be life-saving. And more and more research is showing the efficacy of using Rifaximin for SIBO treatment (with the […]


Taking Antibiotics? How to Use Probiotics to Protect Your Beneficial Bacteria & Microbiome

How many times have you seen a Facebook ad, watched a celebrity endorsement, or seen your friend’s supplement drawer and bought the next best supplement on the market? I think we are all guilty of this to some degree — there are so many out there!   While supplements can be a great natural alternative […]

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The 4 Supplements You May Want to Consider for Better Digestive Health

One nutrient I never go without, especially when I’m taking probiotics, is prebiotics. The yin to probiotic’s yang, prebiotics help probiotics flourish in your digestive tract. So, what are they? Prebiotics are indigestible plant matter that our gut bacteria feed off. They’re a magical little nutrient that can stimulate the growth and maintenance of our inner […]


Should You Be Taking Prebiotics? Here’s the Low Down

People always ask me about probiotics. Which one’s work? Do they need to be refrigerated? How many billions of cultures do you need to consume each day?   By now you know just how important probiotics are, and maybe you’ve even incorporated some fermented foods (like these) into your diet. Taking a supplement will put […]


How to Choose the Best Probiotic

“All disease begins in the gut” – Hippocrates I’ll take that quote a step further, Hippocrates, and say that if all disease begins in the gut, then all healing begins in the gut. An incredible amount of our body’s functions originate in the gut — not just digestion but also immunity, weight management, skin health, […]

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The 4 Best Ways to Get Probiotics From Your Food

  Wow, September absolutely flew by! It’s officially fall, and you know what that means — the leaves are falling, pumpkin-flavored-everythings are out and the sniffles begin.   As many of us know all too well, once the sniffles begins, a cold quickly ensues. I’m pretty sure i’m not alone in saying this: I hate […]

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9 Immune Boosting Strategies To Beat The Winter Cold

Headaches, bloating, digestive distress, and acne can all be signs your immune system is on edge, causing chronic inflammation. You see, our immune system is built to protect us from illness and injury, jumping into action the moment it recognizes something has gone wrong. So as processed foods invade our food pyramid, and we’re exposed […]


How to Beat Chronic Inflammation: 5 Natural Cures