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Considering working with me and interested in learning what it’s like and what others experienced? Below are actual testimonials from Thrive by Food clients!

I think psychologically, the best thing I did was sign up for your program because it’s made me face my fears about life, my fear of food and fear of the toilet. I’m learning to accept that this is who I am. No one is perfect, but the journey is so worth it”.

Keith H.

“After 3 ½ years, 10 different doctors and health specialists, I finally got my answers and am on a three-month plan to finally address my various illnesses with Kristin. She is the reason I finally have the answers. She is truly amazing. She is there for you 24/7 answering even your most random questions. I highly suggest you check her out and if you have more questions about my experience with her, get in touch and I’ll tell all!”

Maura V.

“Since working with you, I have had an 80-90% improvement in stomach cramps and honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time! The program gave me the tools and support that I needed to finally take control of my health and start the process of healing. Thank you, Kristin!”

Marquita A.

Thank you for being a practitioner that gets the mind, body, spirit connection.If there’s one thing I’ve realized as I continue to heal it’s that you CANNOT do it alone. You need others to hold the space for you that you physically, mentally and spiritually can’t….because sometimes the load is too much for one person to hold. Thanks Kristin Thomas for being one of these people for me. 🙏 So grateful for you! I really felt like you always cared about whether I got better. I don’t know if I ever felt that way from another doctor or practitioner. I have been honored and blessed to do this work with you!”

Jenn C

“This year I made it my focused goal to work on my gut health. Last winter, my Ulcerative Colitis symptoms came back after being in remission for several years. When I got to know more about Kristin’s story and history with Ulcerative Colitis, I decided this is what I needed and this was the investment in my health I needed to make. I’ve been so grateful to have Kristin coming alongside me, guiding me, making me feel less alone, and being another cheerleader believing I can and will get well and get back to a more vibrant life. If anyone reading this is struggling with their health, I highly recommend working with Kristin. Cheers to good health!”

Carly I

“I loved working with Kristin. I felt as if I had hit rock bottom. I was tired and depressed most of the time. I was desperate to get some answers that would actually work. While working with Kristin I learned what small changes I could make that would make big changes in my life.


Even after working with her I continue to use what she has taught me and my body is starting to heal from the inside out. I have more energy and I’m starting to love myself and my life again. I can’t think Kristin enough.”

Darlina R.

“I am feeling great and learned about many things I now can do on a daily basis. I loved how available you were to me and how much care you gave, almost treating me like I was your baby! You made me feel welcomed and safe and I loved that.”


Jessica K.

“With the lifestyle changes I’ve made working with Kristin, I’ve noticed a huge improvement with my energy and how I all-around feel day to day. Thank you, Kristin, for providing a program that was able to work around my needs, limitations and my condition.”

Alyssa S.

“Working with Kristin was a joy! From the get-go, it was clear that she genuinely cared about the health and wellness of each one of us. Even more, as someone who’s been through the exact same highs and lows of a digestive disorder, she was just the right advisor through the whole process!”

Julia L

“You are amazing!!!!!! I am amazed at how working with you has seriously changed my life! You are incredible and what you do!”

Lauren P.

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