Thrive by Food’s 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Thrive by Food’s 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Thrive by Food’s 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Giving Guide


Have a health nut in your life and need some help deciding what to buy for him or her? Or, maybe you want to give the gift of better health to someone who is new to all of this but are struggling to come up with ideas. I’ve been collecting ideas for you all year long to make holiday shopping a little easier for you this year.


Below are my favorite health and wellness products that make for perfect gifts this time of year.


For the Home

Himalayan Salt Lamp. These lamps are incredibly soothing as a night light or low light map and may also be beneficial for indoor air quality because of their hygroscopic properties. I use them everywhere in my house — they’re addicting!


Ergonomic Office Chair. If you have a loved one who sits at a desk all day, this chair is a great alternative. It’s probably a better gift for someone who works from a home office since it’s not easy to transport, but I’ve been using mine for almost a year and absolutely love the relief!


For the Bathroom

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes. I am absolutely obsessed with these! The bristles are super soft, free from any plastic chemicals, and help to whiten my teeth in the process.


Epsom Salts. Note: This is quite a large bag, so it’s best for someone who reallly loves to take baths. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium, which can sooth and relax sore muscles, helping with any type of inflammation and pain, as well as stress relief.


Bath Ball Filter. Soaking in a bath full of unfiltered water for 20+ minutes can introduce toxins to your body, which can negative all the other health benefits of a bath! That’s why this bath ball filter is so great – it keeps out the bad so they can enjoy all the benefits of a soothing soak.


Shower Water Filter. This filter removes impurities from your shower water, and many notice real differences in their skin and hair moisture and quality — we sure did!


Mother Dirt Biome-Friendly Shampoo, Body Wash and Probiotic Spray, Just as important as nourishing your gut microbiome is nourishing your skin’s microbiome. Yes, good bacteria exist here, too! Mother Dirt is the only brand currently on the market offering skin products for our external microbiome and they really work! My skin and hair feel cleaner, stronger, and brighter. This is an amazingly clean gift to give!


Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

Another favorite bath and shower product of mine is Castile soap. It comes in many different scents. I personally enjoy buying the plain one and mixing in my own essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, etc.). For those in your life who like to use clean products and perhaps even DIY them, this is a great gift option!


For the Kitchen

Nutribullet High Speed Blender. Not a day goes by that I use this blender not only for smoothies, but salad dressings, pestos, you name it! It is powerful enough to cut through large frozen chunks and extremely durable. The smoothie lover in your life is going to obsess over this.


Breville Juicer. For the avid juice drinker, making juices at home can be far more economical than paying $7-$10/bottle out at the store or juice shop.


Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. A very versatile cooking tool, cast iron skillets are great for cooking everything from burgers to stir frys to sauteed greens. Plus, it has none of the chemicals that non-stick pans do (yuck!)


Glass Meal Prep Tupperware. Plastic Tupperware emit high levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, making them a danger zone for any health nut. Instead, support their toxic-free lifestyle with not only glass Tupperware, but glass meal prep Tupperware!


Olive Oil Spray Bottle. I have yet to find an olive oil spray in the store that doesn’t have at least one unnecessary filler. So I switched to this DIY spray bottle and it works fantastic! This is a great gift for the griller in your life.


Wooden Grill Scraper. Another gift idea for the grill lover! Did you know that metal grill scrapers can leave behind bristles, which can get lodged into food and, eventually, your GI tract? Yep, it’s true. Instead, gift them the gift of safer grilling with a wooden grill scraper. It works just as well!


Well Fed Recipe Book. What to get the foodie for the holidays? One of the most delicious paleo cookbooks out there! I love these recipes — they’re delicious, adventurous and filling.


Sprouting Jar. Buying sprouts in the store can be expensive, and making them at home is so easy, so using a sprouting jar can be both cost saving and tasty!


Fermentation Kit. Similarly to sprouts, buying fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi in the store can be expensive, but fermenting foods is cheap and easy! This fermentation kit has everything needed to ferment a wide array of foods from home.


Sustainable Coconut Bowls. Looking for a unique and eco-friendly gift idea? I’m obsessing over these coconut bowls this year — and the story behind them is oh-so neat!


Glass Straws. Smoothie lovers, rejoice! Metal straws are hard to clean since you cannot see inside them, so glass straws are the perfect solution, and much easier to drink out of.  


For Stress Relief

Acupuncture Mat. Acupuncture has dozens of health benefits, but finding time to go to a session can be difficult. If someone you know likes acupuncture but also leads a busy life, this can be the perfect surprise gift for them!


Essential Oils  {sign up for a wholesale account to save 30%+}. This past year, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with essential oils. I use them for everything from digestive issues to stress relief to cold remedies and everything in between. If you or someone you’re gifting them for wants to know how to begin using them, just get in touch with me and I’m happy to teach you! {for free — it’s on me!}


Essential Oil Diffuser {sign up for a wholesale account to save $15}. Many essential oils can help to clean the air and induce stress relief and happiness. Oils can be diffused in the home and at the office, so it’s often best to have a few! A diffuser makes the perfect complement to a few essential oils (let me know if you need help picking them out)


USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser. Oils can also be diffused in the car! Headed to or from a stressful day of work? Need some energy for a long road trip? Diffusing in the car can be an easy way to reset your body for wherever you’re headed to next.


Yoga Wheel. Especially for those who sit down all day, our backs can take a toll. Yoga wheels help to stretch your back, and this one comes with a manual for many other moves to do to stretch the whole body. It’s such a soothing activity to do!


For On-the-Go

LifeStraw Filtration Water Bottle. For the traveler in your life, this water bottle is a must-have. I first bought this when I was traveling around Italy this past summer, and I now bring it with me anywhere I’m uncertain of the water source. It filters as you sip!


Glass Water Bottle. Plastic water bottles, even BPA-free ones, emit many toxins into the water. Glass water bottles are a great way to keep water clean and can be brought anywhere, from the office to vacation to around the home.


Food Gifts

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. If you follow me on Instagram, you see me post about collagen powder often. Collagen is great at repairing the body from gut damage, muscle damage, joint inflammation, and much more. It’s tasteless, too, making it easy to add into everything from water to smoothies.


Tanka Protein Bars. Omnivores love these! If you know someone who needs an easy on-the-go breakfast or snack, these are perfect. High in protein and loaded with flavor, they can be taken to the office, in the car, and on vacation.


Dosha Bars. For a vegan or vegetarian friendly snack bar, Dosha bars are amazing. Doshas are an Ayruvedic belief that we each have an energetic dominance in our body, and eating for our dosha can help balance our health. Either way, these are delicious and fun to eat!


Primal Kitchen Collagen Protein Bars. For the collagen lover, this is another great snack or on-the-go breakfast option. They come in many flavors and are filling for several hours.


For Better Health

Would you rather give someone an experiential gift? For a limited time, I’m selling single session packs. In a 60 minute session, I will cover with you or your friend/family member ways to improve and rebalance health through diet, lifestyle and stress-reduction techniques, wrapping it all up at the end into a practical plan to fit each person’s lifestyle.


>> Purchase a gift certificate for a single session here <<

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I hope you and yours have a healthy and happy holiday season this year! Remember: if you also want to be gifted any of these ideas, share this post with others and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find one or more of these under the tree for you, too!



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